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Energy. This band is over loaded with it. Talking to John was a breath of fresh air. His excitement and passion was clearly evident as he talked about his music and his love for music in general. You can tell he eats and breathes rock and roll.

What is going on with Love-N-War?

Well we are working on a new album. About 2/3 of the way done. 3/4 of the rhythm tracks and solos are done.  Recording in Arcadia Falls, Missouri. Our first record, "UP THE ANNIE" was done there. It's a long haul but I think it is worth it. Everything is sounding fantastic so far. This will be a better record. Heavier, more melodic. Should come out by end of August. Planning on a CD release party probably with..and just between you and me...Night Ranger. The new one is called "EDGE OF THE WORLD".

Who writes the songs?
I do. I write everything, and most of the lyrics too. I get an idea and just hit the 8 track recorder.I hear everything…



Tell us what is new?

well we have a new album out now

how long did it take to write the album?

It was actually already recorded. we originally recorded it 2003. released in 2005. Production wasn't that good. did not get  wide release, only in Europe. was kind of ignored so we always wanted to put it out again but we didn't have the master tracks. so we put together a new studio, and figured the best way to test it out would be to record the whole album over again. so we did.

Artwork was done by the goosebumps book artist. How did that come about?

We had used the MEGADETH artist ed, for the other albums. I wanted to use him again but my brother who is the guitarist in the band, said we didn't want to become a MEGADETH album cover band. It was cool last time, but we wanted something different. So we contacted the artist who did the goosebumps covers so he did. nice guy. we were surprised he would work with us but he did.

Any upc…



What is new in the world of MEGA COLOSSUS?

We are doing the Jaws Festival in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.This guy just started it because he loves that movie. Gets a bunch of bands and vendors and then at the end they show the movie. Going to the harder than steel festival in Germany in the fall. We know a guy who owns an online record company. He's a fan who wanted to bring a band over seas.

Take us through the writing process

Someone comes in with a solid structure. Sometimes we start with the lyrics. It's a group effort.

How do you approach Recording?

When we record it is track to track. We map it out and then put it all together. Nowadays with digital recording being what it is, you cannot leave mistakes on your record.


Van Halen is the reason why I bought a guitar, Iron Maiden. I soaked it all up as a kid. Boston, Priest. I was a thrash kid. But Boston, we were just talking the other day how there are so…



I listened to their 2014 release, "THE BATTLE OF ETERNITY", and was immediately impressed by this bands sound and lyric approach. This is American Power Metal in all its pure and powerful glory. You can tell the influences but EV spins it into their own form of metal. This is controlled rage and passion for the metal that exists within us all. You will find yourself headbanging and singing along.  I had the chance to talk with guitarist, songwriter Brian Blake about the upcoming release.

What is new for Eternal Voyager?

Working on the new album, Darkened Times.
This release will have better production. We are excited to get it out.We feel the songs are better.

You have opened for a good many bands. Do you get time to hang out with those musicians?

Not a whole time to talk. When we played with HAMMERFALL that was great.They actually watched our set from the side of the stage. So that was great. Really cool…

Interview with Danny Knight of Crown Of Earth

CROWN OF EARTH is full tilt classic metal band pounding through the modern era like a juggernaut. Their sound is power, their attitude is uncompromising.I spoke with Danny Knight, vocalist, regarding shows, metal, and the rise of social media.

How long has CROWN OF EARTH been around?

" 5 years. We have opened for a lot of national acts. Coming up will be Raven, and Blayze Bailey. Working with a guy for our next video. He has a warehouse full of lights. Some were even used by KISS. and he has all this memorabilia like POISON'S wardrobe chest. Things like that. We take things day by day. Some bands get stars in their eyes. We are a basement band trying to kick ass."

On the subject of the negative or positive effects of social Media, Knight stated;

 "We use social media. You have to. I think that live streaming video is the way to go. It seems that it's just easier to do. Nobody wants to go to shows. They click "going" on face book, but never show up. So it…

The Dead Daisies Live And Louder

The Dead Daisies Live And Louder

The Dead Daisies have captured all the energy of their stage performances on one disc. This remarkable cd of live songs also comes with a dvd featuring the same. It is a testament to this modern rock bands power. Even the cover songs sound like modern, fresh, versions.The Dead Daisies have been receiving great reviews as of late and this package will let you hear why. The production quality is superior. Just a fantastic addition to a growing legacy from this band. Go out and pick up a copy today!

The Dead Daisies are: Brian Tichy--drums David Lowy---rhythm guitars John Corabi----vocals Marco Mendoza--bass Doug Aldrich----guitar

Interview with Trey Gadler of Azrael's Bane

Azrael's Bane is a powerhouse metal band that approaches their craft with a fire and passion that is second to none. Talking to vocalist, Trey Gadler was a refreshing confirmation of why every musician must ultimately love what they do. Within an industry gutted by downloading and social media overload, Azrael Bane exists simply for the love of metal. Gadler explains it best when he says,
"It's not 1989 anymore." "There is zero financial incentive. It's like an expensive hobby. But for us it's not a job. It is a passion."

On the subject of social medias impact.
      "Downloading sucks. But the social media things allows you to connect instantly. It's cool. Keeps you motivated. I think it's a good thing. Gets you in touch. Of course it's a good way to promote. But it can get saturated.

Shallow ground Interview

Interview With Keith Letourneau From Shallow Ground

Take us through your writing process
"I usually write the riffs, bring them to practice. We record everything. Usually we practice twice a week. Sunday mornings are the most productive."
How long is your set usually?
"Depends. If we have 30 minutes or if it is longer. We have a lot of material to choose from. And of course we do some covers. Last time we were at Metal Meltdown in pennsylvania we did a faster, thrashier version of "Mob Rules".
Craziest thing that ever happened onstage?
" Stuff breaking. The usual. Beer spilling on pedals. One time our old guitarist didn't push his cable in all the way so spent a long time trying to analyze what was wrong with his rig."
We talked at length about the gear he uses  and the labels involvement with their act. Keith was honest when he told me that this is not about any kind of money. As he states,
" It's a part of you"

The ban…

CRY OF THE WOLF Interview with Nathan James of INGLORIOUS

CRY OF THE WOLF Interview with Nathan James of INGLORIOUS

Inglorious are one of the crown jewels at the Frontiers Record Label. This hard rocking band produces a modern rock sound, peppered with a 70's soulful vibrancy. Nathan James has the vocal prowess of any vocalist from your favorite hard rock bands. This band has now released their second album, Inglorious 2. We talked at length about fame, hard work and a surprise delay caused by none other than Justin Beiber himself. But the first question I had to ask: How they achieved such sonic mastery.
"The album was recorded in mostly one take, almost to the point of a live recording. This enables the band to capture the live "feel" of the band. The vocals were recorded afterwards. Bands don't seem to practice songs as much as they did. We got in a room and wrote ideas out on acoustics. "
How many songs did you create?
 "We wrote 30 songs in 6 days. We recorded 15 and then chose from there."
When asked ho…

Secret Sphere

 Another killer album from Secret Sphere. "The Nature Of Time" is not only a collection of tremendous Melodic metal  songs, but it shines with a positivity in its lyrics like no other band. This is such an uplifting and positive experience listening to the words meld with the incredible musicianship. Michele Luppi is such an amazing vocalist. Incredible power from his vocals. Check Out "Kindness". Any fans of melodic power metal should check this band out. Another fine addition to Frontiers Records roster. 8/10 wolf howls CRY OF THE WOLF MAGAZINE SECRET SPHEREThe Nature of Time -  Frontiers Music s.r.l.Release: 2 June 2017 “The Nature Of Time” is Secret Sphere's ninth studio album and celebrates 20 years of hard work that started back in 1997 with the release of their widely praised debut album, "Mistress Of The Shadowlight". Since then, the band has evolved and developed their unique sound that has become a trademark and they have been one of an elit…

Jorn/Life On Death Road

One or Heavy metals most powerful vocalists has returned with a powerhouse album full of epic, iconic anthems to the true metal sound. Jorn has never sounded better and his band is a virtual super group of well known, precise musicians. This album rocks from beginning to end. There are no fillers on the disc. Simply put , jorn does not disappoint when it comes to weaving a master tapestry of melodic and metallic metal songs. You will be singing and banging your head along. This is a must album for anyone who calls themselves a metal head.  9/10 wolf howls CRY OF THE WOLF MAGAZINE

JORNLife on Death Road -  Frontiers Music s.r.l.Release: 2 June 2017 Easily one of the greatest rock singers of the 21st century, Norway's very own giant Viking warrior Jorn Lande’s vocals are resoundingly strong once again on his ninth original studio album, “Life on Death Road”! This absolutely brilliant new album sees Lande attacking the microphone with rejuvenated vigor, accompanied by a new band and …

The Ferrymen

This band is on fire!. Fantastic vocals mixed with superior musicianship. Each song is a master class in power and precision. This is power metal at it's zenith. Every song is powerful but "cry wolf" and " ferrymen ", and "The Darkest Hour" stand out as our favorites. Magnus' guitar work on this album is truly inspired.  On June 2nd, You must get this album and crank it loud!!!!!
9/10 wolf howls
cry of the wolf magazine THE FERRYMENThe Ferrymen -  Frontiers Music s.r.l.Release: 2 June 2017 Tracklisting: End Of The Road; Ferryman; Fool You All; Still Standing Up; Cry Wolf; One Heart; The Darkest Hour; How The Story Ends; Enter Your Dream; Eyes On The Sky; Eternal Night; Welcome To My Show.
Guitarist Magnus Karlsson (Primal Fear, Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall) and vocalist Ronnie Romero (Lords Of Black, Rainbow) have joined forces, together with drummer Mike Terrana (Rage, Axel Rudi Pell, and more), in a brand new project dubbed The Ferrymen.…

Interview With Kobra Paige For the Prevail album

Interview with Kobra Paige of Kobra And The Lotus

You're gearing up for a tour with Xandria Yes it's going great. We just started practicing as a band yesterday or maybe the day before. It's been hectic. The practice went well and we have a full week of rehearsing and then we head out. Everyone is getting anxious to get on the road again. We are concentrating on getting the new material polished and ready for the road. Take us through "Prevail" What was your mindset going in? I felt excited about the fact that we were going to create a lot of it there. I was excited to work with Jacob and see what his producing style was going to be like and what we would learn. There was no way to guess how it would have gone down in the studio. I just knew the basics that we were going to learn how to improve and evolve. Learn new things and strengthen our sound. I had a positive mindset. It made for a great experience. This was one of the most organic experiences in terms of the…