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        Dave Mustaine is a metal icon. His Musical genius and guitar mastery has kept MEGADETH going for more than 30 years.  Mustaine was also a founding member of the band METALLICA. When the DYSTOPIA world tour launches September 20, the lineup will include AMON AMARTH, BUTCHER BABIES, METAL CHURCH, and SUICIDAL TENDENCIES. I spoke with Dave as he was gearing up for the tour. We spoke about life on the road, beer, bands, and music. Dave, Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. How are things going?   “Hey, just driving over to our storage facility to pack up all our gear on the trucks for the tour. Just making sure we have everything we need. It’s fun. It’s what I live for. I've   got a great job.”     Your tour lineup is chock full of amazing bands. How do you gather and choose these acts?   “Contrary to all the mud slingers out there. People that tour with us know they are going to have a great time. The list is as long as my

The Great Kat, Beethoven Shreds!!!

The Great Kat Beethoven Shreds    From the beginning of the Great Kat’s latest guitar drenched release, it is clear who defines the classical speed metal genre. Her shredding is exceptional. Her tone is unmatched. Her speed and clarity of notes is impeccable. Her album, BEETHOVEN SHREDS  is an ear orgasm. The seven tracks that are forever burned into this disc are testimonials to the superior playing ability the Great Kat brings to her guitar. But it is not simply just a speed burn. The production is a masterpiece unto itself. Each note rings out with crystal clarity. Beethoven himself would be proud of her accomplishments in sound and fury. Her playing outshines and outlasts anything her peers can do. But before guitar snobs shrug or offer quips of negativity, you should realize that the Great Kat is a classically trained violinist, graduating from the Julliard School and touring for a time playing conventional classical music before crossing over to metal. She has the