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Amon Amarth - Live Rock Am Ring 2016 (Full Show HD)


Leaves' Eyes with Elina Siirala - Blazing Waters @ Colos-Saal, Aschaffen...


THUNDERSTONE - Through the Pain (2016) // official clip // AFM Records


NIGHTMARE - Ikarus (2016) // official clip // AFM Records



AFM Newsletter - 27 September 2016
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LORDINew Video "Hug You Hardcore" Finlands finest frighteners LORDI release their first single and video "Hug You Hardcore" taken from "Monstereophonic", out on September 16th. But be careful while watching: This video is not for the fainthearted!
read more and watch video LORDINew album out now and tour dates! The new LORDI album "Monstereophonic (Theaterror vs. Demonarchy" is out now, available in two different Vinyl colors and as CD Digipak.
read more and see tour dates LEAVES' EYES"Fires In The North" EP details!LEAVES' EYES have unveiled details for their upcoming release, the "Fires In The North" EP.
The title track is a brand new song, featured in a regular and an acoustic version. In addition, the EP includes three songs from the band's latest album "King Of Kings" in new versions (feat. Elina on …


Since the success of SABATON, the world knows, that Falun is the birthplace of many mighty warriors. But the brave Swedes from TWILIGHT FORCE now prove with their second album »Heroes Of Mighty Magic«, that epic metal doesn't necessarily need tanks and can also be played with a bow and arrow.

“The next opus of TWILIGHT FORCE will be a journey unlike any you have ever experienced. While we are still staying true to the essence of power metal, the songs, sounds and magic adventures have all evolved from the once drake hatchling into a colossal arcane arch-dragon. The time, effort and primordial wisdom that we have invested into this album is truly immeasurable, and we profoundly hope that this will shine through upon our venerated audience.”

But after stripping down the whole image of dragon keepers and taking a look behind the walls of this majestic power metal manifesto, you discover that there is more to those Swedes than just bittersweet legends: Pure honesty and l…


Amon Amarth premieres "Raise Your Horns" video (featuring fans, artists, and friends!) via; launches contest with Grimfrost; set to kick off USA tour with Megadeth, Suicidal Tendencies, Metal Church, & Butcher Babies tomorrow

After headlining a North American tour earlier this year, and appearing at premier festivals across Europe all summer, Amon Amarth is now ready to launch their new video for "Raise Your Horns", featuring live footage from their San Diego (USA), London (UK), Paris (FR), Tilburg (NL), Berlin (DE), and Hellfest (FR) shows, as well as clips of fans, artists, and friends raising their own horns to the band! Head over to now to watch the video, which includes the following guest appearances:

Zakk Wylde - Black Label Society
John DeServio - Black Label Society
Sam Didier - Blizzard Entertainment
Adam D & Jesse Leach - Killswitch Engage
Doro Pesch
Mike McKenna - NHL/AHL Goaltender
Rob Flynn - Machine…


Scaling Up - STREAMING
Frontiers Music s.r.l.
14 October 2016With the new album SCALING UP, Kee Marcello is using his past as a springboard and takes a giant leap into the future! With the new music firmly grounded in the songwriting tradition that made him a multiplatinum rock star in the first place, Kee explores the boundaries of Melodic Hard Rock with contemporary performance and a cracking production. This is an album his fans will die for!

Kee Marcello is a unique artist in the Hard Rock genre. He has never stopped evolving and growing as both a writer and a guitarist and the new album shows how much he managed to raise the bar yet again with both his guitar playing, singing and writing.

Conceived and recorded in the winter and spring of 2016, Kee Marcello’s new album encompasses all the influences and genres in which the swedish musician has been involved since the start of his career. Besides the obvious resemblances to EUROPE’s classic sound (particularl…


Dave Mustaine is a metal icon. His Musical genius and guitar mastery has kept MEGADETH going for more than 30 years.  Mustaine was also a founding member of the band METALLICA. When the DYSTOPIA world tour launches September 20, the lineup will include AMON AMARTH, BUTCHER BABIES, METAL CHURCH, and SUICIDAL TENDENCIES. I spoke with Dave as he was gearing up for the tour. We spoke about life on the road, beer, bands, and music.

Dave, Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. How are things going?

“Hey, just driving over to our storage facility to pack up all our gear on the trucks for the tour. Just making sure we have everything we need. It’s fun. It’s what I live for. I've got a great job.”

Your tour lineup is chock full of amazing bands. How do you gather and choose these acts?

“Contrary to all the mud slingers out there. People that tour with us know they are going to have a great time. The list is as long as my arm of people that have toured with us and have gone on to …


Reborn in Blasphemy (TAPE)
Shadow Kingdom
31 October 2016SHADOW KINGDOM RECORDS is proud to present the debut EP of Italy's GARGOYLE, Reborn in Blasphemy. Self-released earlier this year in very limited quantities, Reborn in Blasphemy introduced these ghoulish doomlords to the international underground, but not widely enough, in SHADOW KINGDOM's opinion! Despite the EP's title cribbed from an old Dismember song, Reborn in Blasphemy is definitely NOT death metal; rather, it is mildewed and catacombed DOOM in the grand Italian tradition, sounding as old as time itself. Plus, rarely anywhere these days will you find a vocal delivery this obscure, this out-there. No trends, no progression, no modernity, no class: GARGOYLE are doom purists, pure and simple, and they're Reborn in Blasphemy with a bonus track amended to the original three-song release!


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                                                                         September 16, 2016
RIK EMMETT & RESolution 9 TO RELEASE NEW ALBUM RES 9 WORLDWIDE ON NOVEMBER 11 VIA PROVOGUE / MASCOT LABEL GROUP Featuring Contributions From Rush Guitarist Alex Lifeson, Dream Theater Vocalist James LaBrie, Emmett’s Onetime Triumph Bandmates Bassist Mike Levine and Drummer Gil Moore

“This album represents a journey through my life,” Emmett observes, “and the idea behind a lot of these songs is me trying to figure out who I am, and why I’m doing what I’m doing. There’s a common thread of positivity here that ties into the records I was making 30 years ago. What did I learn from making them? You’ll hear all of that echoed in the grooves of this album.”;
Indeed, the scope of the 11 deeply heartfelt songs on RES 9 covers a lot of exciting aural ground, from the out-of-the-gate gallop of…