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An Interview With Elvenstorm

  An Interview with Michael Hellström - ELVENSTORM Website: Contact & Booking: Store: Elvenstorm is a superior power metal band with incredible vocal harmony and that full on guitar assault that sounds so good cranked up! I had the chance to Interview Michael Hellstrom, guitarist for the band. His insight into the next phase of the metal evolution of Elvenstorm proved to be full of information. This is not a band to be missed as 2016 approaches. all the elements of a classic power metal band are here.   Members: Laura Ferreux - Vocals Felix Börner - Drums Michael Hellström - Guitar Florent Brunet-Manquat - Bass Guitar         Tell me about the writing for the album soulreaper. How long does it take to pull songs together?   Shortly after the release of our second album “Blood Leads to Glory”,   we worked immediately on new songs and decided to record a 4 t