3 Points Of Madness Interview

3 Points Of Madness Interview
One of the best up and coming metal bands to come out of Rhode Island in a long time. These guys are a force to be reckoned with. They have a sound that is uniquely their own and they are a killer band live. One of the few local metal acts that still hold true to the flag of heavy metal.  Looking forward to great things from this band.Check out the band when they open for "Fatal Portrait(king diamond tribute) this Friday 12/21/18@ the bar in New Bedford Ma.

First and fore most who came up with the name:
Ron: That would be our singer George.
How would you describe your music?
Ron:  Our music is a mix of classic Metal from the 80’s such as Iron Maiden & early Metallica combined with some progressive rock such as Rush, Tool & Dream Theater all fused with some modern flare forming an original sound that is truly our own.
Take us through the writing process. Does everyone contribute?
Ron: Ideas either come in the form of riffs or full songs from eith…

Interview with CAMU

Cry of the Wolf Magazine interview With CAMU  Official Press Release: Nothing great ever comes easy & the most rewarding way is usually the hard way, which is the essence of “The One You Leave Behind”. Four years ago when my son was 8 months old, my wife & I mustered up the balls to leave everyone & everything we knew behind and move 7000 miles away to start a new chapter in our life. The task was so momentous that I had to cruise through it at times. What I left behind was the person I had always been, everyone I knew, and who everyone knew me as. Everything I experienced in the last few years, becoming a dad twice over, starting a business & relocating again has been new and foreign to me but in the end I came out the ringer a much better & more fulfilled person. Iv’e always gone with the flow in life, never could have imagined it would take me from Helsinki to Hawaii. “The One You Leave Behind” has been a very difficult yet rewarding song to write &…

Interview with Nicklas Jansson guitarist for the swedish blues band STEW

Not too often you hear a band's first song and say these guys are the next big thing. The guitar playing is incredible. The band is tight and the music is good and loud. Check them out!!
1. Who came up with the name? Nicklas Jansson: Think it was me haha, I love to boil up a good Stew on a Friday evening.
2. The guitar tone is amazing. What are you using? NJ: Thanks a bunch! I play a Fender Strat from 1992 into a Peavey Delta blues amp 1x15” speaker and a Fender 4x12” speaker. Just use two pedals a CryBaby Wah and Fulltone Octafuzz. 3.Sweden is not readily known for producing blues artists. How does the scene there treat you? NJ: We believe that we got a lot more attention from other countries than Sweden so far. We haven’t played a lot here yet but the overall feedback is good! 4. Plans for touring? NJ: Not at this moment but of course that would be awesome! Definitely in the near future.
5. Do you view social media as a positive or negative force on modern music? NJ: It’s positive I…


Legend of the Starborn
Sliptrick records

Veonity have unleashed a ferocious power metal masterpiece. Legend of the Starborn on Sliptrick records is now available. we suggest you buy a copy or two or three. Voted by this magazine, as the 2016 power metal band of the year, we have been patiently awaiting their new music.

 Veonity delivers 13 tracks of power, precision, and passionate heavy metal. "Rise again", "Winds Of Asgard", "United We Stand", are standouts but there is ultimately not a bad track on the disc. The Gods of metal are smiling once again. All hail the Starborn and all hail Veonity!!

10/10 Wolf Howls
Cry of the Wolf Magazine

Nita Strauss/Angel Vivaldi show review

Angel Vivaldi/Nita Straus guitar collective gig@greasy luck pub, new bedford mass.

Angel Vivaldi layed down a blistering set of  incendiary guitar pyrotechnics. This one man band pulled out all the guitar hero stops and presented an award winning performance.One of the best guitar players I have seen. 


     Nita Strauss delivered a fiery fury of shredding guitar. This is a shredders master class in pure passion. Her enthusiasm and love for her chosen instrument was readily apparent to all who attended. Her set included an incredible rendition of QUEEN'S "The Show Must Go On". 

Additionally Nita was joined onstage by Mike from EAST COAST ALICE(Alice Cooper tribute band) for an equally incendiary version of "I'm Eighteen.". Strauss has established herself as one of the world's premier guitar shredders. With her band of equally talented individuals behind her this should only be the beginning of a long career.

Show receives 10/10 Wolf Howls
Cry Of the Wolf ma…

Cry of the wolf magazine interview with VEONITY

On the verge of releasing what can no doubt be another epic power metal  triumph, we interviewed swedish legends, Veonity. Regarded as one of the brightest hopes for continued metal success around the world, Veonity was voted 2016 power metal band of the year by cry of the wolf magazine. Be sure to pick up their next release, legend of the starborn on sliptrick records on November, 27th.

First congrats on the upcoming release!   Thank you, we are really looking forward to show the world what we have been up to this past year! Take us through the writing  process for Legends Of The Starborn   To be honest, which I think I have to be here, we started writing this album a few month before “Into The Void” was releasedha ha... Me and Anders who writes the music just have an abundance of power metal flowing through us. We had the conce…

Judas Priestess Interview

Judas Priestess welcomed me with open arms into their backstage lounge between sets at the vault In New Bedford, Mass. It was a home state show for their Drummer and the band was full of energy. I found these Heavy metal fanatics to be true fans of   Judas Priest's music and understood what it means to the heavy metal world. Front woman, Militia proved she was truly down to earth, friendly, yet passionate about her role, and the bands role in offering a tribute to the original Metal Gods.

How long has this band been together?

 We emerged in 2009. 9 years. never imagined people would care this long. If no one was coming then we would hang it up but people keep coming.

Would you ever tour overseas?

We have done Canada we would like to get overseas. Every time they talk the green it gets taken off the table. It's not cheap plus Judas priest keeps going over there  to play a lot of biker rallies in the south. I feel like there's an audience over there just waiting

Have you ever …

PSYCLE Interview Providence, Rhode Island Rock And Roll Band

PSYCLE Interview
     Providence, Rhode Island based rock band, PSYCLE  is one of the areas best original groups. Their sound, a mixture of hard rock and country tinged rock is a breath of fresh local air. With two EPs under their belts, this seasoned band is ready to take their music to the next level. Check out PSYCLE on facebook and their web site. They will not be local for long!!! First and fore most who came up with the name: PSYCLE?  Psycle came about right before our first show back in 2000. We were asked by a promoter what our band name was and we hadn’t even discussed it. The idea of things coming full circle and getting what you give is something that has always fascinated me. Karma is on my mind often and I have always believed that if you put good things into the universe it will find its way back to you. Unfortunately, the universe doesn’t believe in time management hahahahha You have an almost country rock flavor to your sound. How would you describe your music?  We have…