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New Machine HighVol Music

17 March 2017
NEWMACHINE is a peak of talent that blends all the right elements of rock and pop music into a standard that not only stands the test of time but taps into today. A rock band that delivers a memorable musical experience with amazingly strong songs full of hooks, laced with soaring vocals and guitar harmonies.

NEWMACHINE is currently in the studio working on their debut release ‘Karma’. World renowned engineer/producer Howard “Doctor” Lindeman (John Lennon, Roberta Flack, Natalie Cole, KISS, Blue Oyster Cult, Stevie Wonder, and Stephanie Mills) has been tapped to produce the project. ‘Karma’ is slated for an in early 2017 on HighVolMusic and will be distributed by MRi/Sony Red in North America. A full promotional campaign with radio and a tour to support the release are also being prepared.

The band was formed by Ryche Green and includes Jimmy MillerTommy WilliamsPolo StaberLorenzo ‘Zo’ DelVecchio. Each member has a deep rich history in music scene, are no strangers to touring, and are the consummate professional when it comes to their music. Realizing that the sum of the parts yield something greater than anyone has recently achieved on their own, it was time to position all the parts in to NEWMACHINE.

Striving for success and reaching a mass audience with the music is what it’s all about for NEWMACHINE. With the perfect songs and their team behind them that goal isn’t too far of a stretch. ‘Karma’ is brilliantly crafted. Every detail is being checked three times over. With everything falling into place, now it is just taking it to the people for all to hear.

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HYDROGYN Redemption HighVolMusic

10 March 2017
In 2004 West Virginia guitarists Jeff Westlake and Jeff Boggs had a vision. They set out to create music that defied convention – power metal that appealed to a broad audience. Combining cutting edge riffs, intelligent lyrics, and massive hooks with the multi-octave power vocals of Julie (“just Julie”). HYDROGYN exploded onto the national music scene, their debut album, “Best Served with Volume” quickly caught the attention of major sponsors, including PepsiBudweiser, and Off the Rim Apparel from NASCAR.

In 2006, Michael Wagener who had produced Ozzy OsborneSkid Row, and Alice Cooper, came on board to produce “Bombshell” (DA Records/Chavis Records) which hit Billboard on three different charts, 2008 saw “Deadly Passions” on the CMJ Charts and in 2010, the band was back on the Billboard charts with “Judgement”.

Despite a grueling touring schedule and several changes in the lineup, the band continued to produce high-quality, genre-busting music including “Private Sessions” and “Strip ‘em Blind Live” as well the “Particles” box set, “Break the Chains” EP, and a number of DVDs. This grueling pace began to take its toll on the band.

Despite the vision that had served the band so long, Jeff Westlake could feel a wall going up. HYDROGYN continued performing with their signature hard-driving rock that thrilled crowds but, as a whole, the creative spark was fading, the fire wasn’t burning hot enough. “I knew there was potential for greatness,” drummer John Cardilino said, “but we hadn’t been able to tap fully into that potential.” In 2015, halfway through recording a new album, Julie left the band.

In 2016 HYDROGYN went back into the studio with new vocalist Erica Parrott for their most ambitious album yet, “Redemption”.

Like the element after which they take their name, HYDROGYN went back to basics, taking the process down to its most elemental level – high energy, high creativity, positive vibes, and raw power. “I knew this was where I belonged,” Parrott said after meeting with Westlake. Her aggressive vocal talent and positive energy were the spark that reignited the flame for the entire band. Collaboration has never been stronger and the energy has never been higher. “Everything from music to melody and lyrics just seemed to fall right into place:, says Parott. Bassist Chris Sammons agrees, attesting that the new energy allowed every member to be themselves musically. As proof, he points to the first day the band met in the studio. “We pumped out an incredibly heavy in-your-face tune in a matter of minutes.”

"Redemption" is an electric, hard as nails, tour de force album that is hitting the broadest audience for the band in over a decade. Guitarist Jeff Boggs said it best. “There are no limitations". HYDROGYN is on fire.

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REVENIENCE Release New EP ‘Revenant’

REVENIENCE Release New EP ‘Revenant’

Revenience kick off their EP with the video release and title track, the haunting, Revenant (taken from last years album Daedalum). This is followed by a brand new track, a special re-working of Hope Leaves, originally made by legendary Swedish Metal heavy band Opeth. Finishing off this tasty little morsel are alternate versions of Not My Choice and once again, the aforementioned Revenant.
The Revenant EP is released on Jan 27th 2017 on Sliptrick Records.
Track Listing:
01. Revenant (Studio Version)
02. Hope Leaves (Japan Edition/Opeth Cover)
03. Not My Choice (Alternate Version)
04. Revenant (Alternate Version)
Music & Lyrics by Revenience
Hope Leaves by Opeth, Damnation (2003)
Produced by: Revenience
Recorded by Fausto De Bellis at Black Crow Studios | Alchemica Music Club
Mixed & Mastered by Fausto De Bellis at Black Crow Studios | Alchemica Music Club
Revenant (studio) mixed & mastered by Simone Mularoni at Domination Studio (RSM)
Artwork by Revenience
Revenience are:
Debora Ceneri – Vocals | Pasquale Barile – Keyboards/Synth | Fausto De Bellis – Bass/Additional Guitars | Michele Di Lauro – Guitars | Simone Spolzino – Drums/Additional Vocals
Listen to DaedalumBelieve sample player
Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube

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analogue gear manufacturer BAE Audio [Hall A: Booth 6290] announces the launch of two new products:

Anaheim, Calif., January 11, 2017 – For the 2017 NAMM show, analogue gear manufacturer BAE Audio [Hall A: Booth 6290] announces the launch of two new products: the 500C FET lunchbox compressor and the R53 3-slot horizontal 500 series rack with linking. These new products further deepen BAE’s high-quality offerings in the 500 series market and enable BAE users to assemble a fully featured channel strip from BAE Audio lunchbox units. Further, the company said it will be hosting special demonstration performances of its new Hot Fuzz guitar pedal with special guests Warren Huart, Pete Thorn and Nick Maybury.

“Our customers have enjoyed having access to BAE Audio quality in the 500 series format, and with the new 500C and the R53 they can now combine their BAE lunchbox pres and EQs with the 500C in an R53 rack for a custom all-BAE 1RU channel strip,” commented BAE Audio President Mark Loughman.

Analog Glue
The 500C represents two firsts for the company: it is both BAE Audio’s first FET compressor and its first 500 series format compressor. Based on the design of studio staple FET compressors of the '60s and '70s heard on countless hit records, the 500C features controls for input and output gain, plus the four selectable, time-honored compression rations of 4:1, 8:1, 12:1, and 20:1. In addition to taming peaks, its premium components and classic circuit design add highly desireable analog warmth to your signal, making it an all-star for everything from drums to bass to vocals. Like all BAE Audio gear, the 500C is hand-wired in California to ensure the highest possible quality control.

Custom Channel Strip
The R53 accommodates any three 500 series units in a single rack space thanks to its horizontal configuration, and eliminates studio clutter with a built-in power supply. Switchable linking on the front of the unit allows users to pass signal from one slot to the next, allowing the creation of a customized channel strip by cascading a preamp into an EQ into a compressor. The R53 also sports the same rugged construction as BAE Audio’s larger 500 series racks, with a durable steel chassis, shielded wires on individual connectors, and XLR inputs and outputs.

Hot Fuzz
In September, BAE Audio launched its first premium guitar stompbox, the Hot Fuzz. The dual-stomp effects pedal combines the power of a classic top boost with a premium 70s-style fuzz circuit, creating a wide range of tone possibilities in a single device. At this year's NAMM Show, BAE will be hosting a series of guitar luminaries at its booth, providing attendees with an opportunity to dig into the Hot Fuzz live. The appearances will occur at 1 p.m. on from January 19-21.
  • Thursday, 1/19 – Pete Thorn, Mark Loughman
  • Friday, 1/20 – Warren Huart, Mark Loughman
  • Saturday, 1/21 – Nick Maybury, Mark Loughman
TEC Award Nomination
BAE Audio has also received a nomination Signal Processing Hardware (500 Series Modules) category at the 32nd Annual Technical Excellence & Creativity (TEC) Awards for its 1066DL equalizer. The 1066 DL is based on the classic 1066 circuit, which features the same mic-line preamplification stage as the 1073, but with different frequency selections in its midrange band. These frequency selections give it a unique sonic palette that makes it a standout choice for a wide range of applications, including guitars. Winners will be announced during an awards ceremony at the Hilton Anaheim Hotel’s Pacific Ballroom on January 21st.

BAE Audio, which has a long-standing reputation as a manufacturer of audio equipment faithful to vintage design specifications, has quickly established itself as a key player in the growing 500 series market by adapting its designs to the compact format and is sure to bolster that reputation with this year’s offerings.

The 500C and R53 will be on view in Hall A: Booth 6290. For more information please visit

About BAE Audio
BAE Audio is a U.S.-based manufacturer of high-end microphone preamp and equalizers, all of which are faithful to vintage designs of the seventies and before. The company is committed to the vintage philosophy of hand wiring and hand soldering all of its components to achieve a high quality and authentically vintage sound. For more information on BAE Audio, please visit our website at

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     What we have in a band like STRIKEFORCE is a perfect storm of killer songs and sing along chorus. This is a great hard rocking party album. Songs like "All about the Money", and "Let Me Rock U" are straight up no bullshit anthem rockers. This is pure rock and roll. I have not seen them live but I'm picturing all Marshalls and Gibsons for these boys. Amps cranked to 11 and cold beer flowing freely.

The album really picks up with "Falling Down" a nice little "Dr. Feelgood" style metal type number. Killer guitar solos abound throughout this album. "Live Action" and "Doomsday" only add more fuel to this hard rocking fire. Great album, Great band, great album cover.

7/10 Wolf Howls

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Stephen Pearcy's Smash album review

STEPHEN PEARCYSmash - Frontiers Music s.r.l.Release: 27 January 2017
Opening track is a killer intro and very atmospheric. reminding the listener at once of zeppelin meets ratt. very catchy melody.
The zeppelin comparison continues with " Shut Down Baby". Total zeppelin custard pie feel. Very tastefully done riff.
Lollipop is pure rock and roll fun. Tongue in cheek sexually charged rocker.
Other stand out tracks include : Rain, Want too much", and "I can't take it"
"Summers End" again revisits that classic zeppelin sound ala "Kashmir". It's a great song to close out the album and actually segues nicely back to song number one for a second,third and so on listen
8/10 wolf howls

Best known as the original vocalist and founding member of the platinum rock band RATT, Stephen Pearcy has been working hard to complete his highly anticipated fourth solo album, while at the same time keeping busy performing shows across the U.S.

“I am very happy with the new music and the diversity of the songs. It's taken some time. I'm sure all the fans will be excited too,” says Stephen about the new album.

“Smash” was mixed and mastered by none other than the legendary Beau Hill, the producer of RATT's first four albums, among many other hit records. Stephen will be supporting "SMASH" with live dates in the U.S. and internationally.

With over 15 million records and gold and platinum long form videos sold in the U.S. alone with RATT, touring the world with over (20) albums to his credit with other ventures, solo projects, compilations, best of records, and other bands he created, there is no slowing Pearcy down.

Pearcy is an accomplished songwriter with credits on all of RATT's records through the years. "RATT" EP, "Out Of The Cellar", "Invasion Of Your Privacy", "Dancing Undercover", "Reach for the Sky", "Detonator", "Ratt".  Most recently, RATT's last studio album, "Infestation" was released a few years ago to rave reviews around the world.

Stephen is also a producer, composer, television program creator, art director, marketing director, owner/product creator of "Mic Knuckles" (hands free mic holder) and has also been involved in recording songs for TV and Movies and ESPN2 NHRA Drag Racing Series over the years. Additionally, he has been involved in sponsoring several top fuel dragsters and funny cars since the mid 80's-90's thru the 2000's.

STEPHEN E. PEARCY - Lead Vocals, Back-up Vocals
ERIK FERENTINOS - Rhythm & Lead Guitars, Back-up vocals
GREG D’ ANGELO - Drums, Percussion
MATT THORN - Bass Guitar
CHRIS HAGER - Guitars, Lead Guitars on track (3)


Metallica's Hardwired Album Review

As a young proto-metalhead living in the hard streets of Riverside, Rhode Island we would all gather at whoever had the latest vinyl release and rock out for hours. Discussing techniques, listening to lyrics, guitar solos. The best albums offered up energy at its purest form. It transmitted from the vinyl grooves right into our little teenage brains. You could literally feel what the band or artist was trying to convey.
Metallica's latest release, Hardwired to self destruct offers up a modern day version of that same energy and spirit from days gone by. It is a powerful statement from a band that many had written off. One song...Now were all dead...that is the only song you need to listen to. But there are many, many more. This is grade a material from a group of artists who managed to capture their energy and channel it through this disc. This is real, this is power, this is the definition of  a classic metal album.
 Another great sign of a good, solid album is that you can listen to it over again. This album does that. Another sign is when you discover that moving beyond the title track you still find perfect gems of songs. Like Iron Maiden, and AC/DC before them, on this album there is not one weak or throwaway song. Yes we waited but damn it was worth it.

10/10 Wolf Howls

Track listing

All lyrics written by James Hetfield.

Disc one

2."Atlas, Rise!"  
  • Hetfield
  • Ulrich
3."Now That We're Dead"  
  • Hetfield
  • Ulrich
4."Moth into Flame"  
  • Hetfield
  • Ulrich
5."Dream No More"  
  • Hetfield
  • Ulrich
6."Halo on Fire"  
  • Hetfield
  • Ulrich
Total length:37:13

Disc two

  • Hetfield
  • Ulrich
3."Here Comes Revenge"  
  • Hetfield
  • Ulrich
4."Am I Savage?"  
  • Hetfield
  • Ulrich
5."Murder One"  
  • Hetfield
  • Ulrich
6."Spit Out the Bone"  
  • Hetfield
  • Ulrich
Total length:40:16

Disc three

Tracks 5–13 were recorded live at Rasputin Music in Berkeley, California on April 16, 2016, for Record Store Day. Track 14 was recorded live at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota on August 20, 2016.
Deluxe edition
1."Lords of Summer"  
  • Hetfield
  • Ulrich
  • Trujillo
2."Ronnie Rising Medley ("A Light in the Black" / "Tarot Woman" / "Stargazer" / "Kill the King")" (medley of Rainbow covers) 9:03
3."When a Blind Man Cries" (Deep Purple cover) 4:35
4."Remember Tomorrow" (Iron Maiden cover) 5:50
5."Helpless" (Diamond Head cover, live)
6."Hit the Lights" (live)
  • Hetfield
  • Ulrich
7."The Four Horsemen" (live)
8."Ride the Lightning" (live)
9."Fade to Black" (live)
10."Jump in the Fire" (live)
  • Hetfield
  • Ulrich
  • Mustaine
11."For Whom the Bell Tolls" (live)
  • Hetfield
  • Ulrich
  • Burton
12."Creeping Death" (live)
  • Hetfield
  • Ulrich
  • Burton
  • Hammett
13."Metal Militia" (live)
  • Hetfield
  • Ulrich
  • Mustaine
14."Hardwired" (live)
  • Hetfield
  • Ulrich
Total length:79:37


Credits are adapted from the album's liner notes.[48]



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New England Hardcore and Metal festival News

The Palladium

New England Metal & Hardcore Festival feat. Sabaton

MassConcerts Presents

New England Metal & Hardcore Festival feat. Sabaton

KATATONIA, HammerFall, Amorphis, Caspian, Delain, Swallow The Sun, Battle Beast, Leaves Eyes, Circuit Of Suns, And MANY MORE TBA!!!

Sat, April 22, 2017

Doors: 1:00 pm / Show: 1:00 pm


$45.00 - $50.00

This event is all ages

New England Metal & Hardcore Festival ***2-DAY PASS** Available Here:

Sabaton was formed back in 1999 in Falun, Sweden when the members of a band called "Aeon" reformed and rearmed for the upcoming first recording in Moon Music Studio. The founding members of Aeon: Rikard, Pär and Daniel Mullback had joined forces with Oskar and Joakim earlier during the year which had seen a few line-up changes and the guys decided on a fresh start and changed the name of the band to Sabaton. These are the same guys you see on stage today.

In 2001 the band was ready to record more material, and this time they turned to Tommy Tägtgren who were to play a part in the creation of the Sabaton sound, and together they recorded the second half of the bands demo compilation "Fist For Fight" that was released by Underground Symphony later that year.
When 2002 arrived the band returned to Abyss studios and Tommy Tägtgren to record the debut album "Metalizer" that was to be released later that year, but didn't end up in the record stores until 5 years later.
In 2004, after countless hours of rehearsals and dozens of shows the band got tired of waiting for the release of "Metalizer" that never came and decided to take matters into their own hands.

Primo Victoria – The Battle Begins

Without the support of a record label Sabaton returned to Abyss studios and Tommy Tägtgren and recorded the album "Primo Victoria" which loosely translated means: The first victory, or: The beginning of the victory.
A fitting name, considering it represents a new beginning for the band and also marks the start of the typical war themed Sabaton lyrics.
The band signed up with the label Black Lodge later that year and in 2005 "Primo Victoria" was released

In early 2005, just before the album was released, Daniel Myhr was recruited into the band to relieve Joakim of his keyboard duties and the band was now complete.
This year saw the first Sabaton show outside of Sweden and there were many more just around the corner.
In January 2006 the band headed back into the studio for 3 weeks of intensive recording sessions with Tommy Tägtgren and recorded the album "Attero Dominatus" just before heading out on Sabaton's first major European tour as supporting act for Edguy and Dragonforce.

Attero Dominatus – The Battle Rages On
Formed in Göteborg, Sweden, in 1993 by guitarist Oscar Dronjak. Early line-ups included members from In Flames and Dark Tranquillity, most notably Jesper Strömblad, who continued to write songs together with Oscar and singer Joacim Cans despite leaving before the first album was released. "Glory To The Brave" (1997) and "Legacy Of Kings" (1998) cemented the band as the pioneers of modern Eighties heavy metal.

Often credited with bringing back the melodies and honesty in music, the world-wide crusade continued with "Renegade" (2000), an album that generated a breakthrough for HammerFall and metal music in general in the mainstream media in Sweden.

The line-up was now complete with drummer Anders Johansson, formerly of Rising Force fame, Stefan Elmgren on guitar and Magnus Rosén on bass guitar. The latter two joined HF before the release of the inaugural record, with Stefan even being a session player on "Glory To The Brave".

"Crimson Thunder" (2002) was next, followed by a live album and DVD - "One Crimson Night" (2003) - recorded in their home town in front of a capacity crowd. The fifth album, aptly titled "Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken" (2005) further planted the name HammerFall in the minds of households in Sweden, as well as metal fans all over the world. The band's fourth world tour on as many albums was an even bigger success than before, headlining the U.S. for the first time (after supporting Death and Dio in 1998 and 2002 respectively).

Two sportsrelated videos were recorded in 2006, a remake of "Hearts On Fire" for the Swedish Olympic Women's Curling Team and a brand new song specifically written for Kajsa Bergqvist, Robert Kronberg and a couple of other Swedish track & field superstars, culminating in a performance at the opening ceremony at the European Athletics Championships in August, bringing HammerFall into the home of 250 million people around the world. Threshold (2006) saw the light of day at the end of the year, and virtually the entire 2007 was spent on the road promoting it.

Magnus Rosén left the band in March. Without skipping a beat, original basist Fredrik Larsson was brought back into the fold, elevating the musical side with his steady brilliance. Celebrating its ten year anniversary as a record-releasing artist, HammerFall released "Steel Meets Steel - Ten Years of Glory" (2007). The album features two brand new tracks, a re-recording of an old classic plus some bonus material for the true fans.

Surprising to all, Stefan got a job as an airline pilot in the spring of 2008, and after careful consideration decided to pursue that dream instead. Pontus Norgren of The Poodles fame replaced Stefan and made his on stage debut with the band at the Heavy MTL Festival in Montréal, Canada.

Out of this sprung the very successful album "No Sacrifice, No Victory" (2009), and the world tour took the band to as remote locations as India, as well as the regular sold-out shows in Scandinavia, continental and Eastern Europe and USA.

The strain known as "Infected" (2011) spread throughout the world in 2011, and was followed by an extensive tour over the next two years. The concert at Dalhalla in July was captured by Patric Ullaeus and released as the Gates To Dalhalla DVD/Bluray. Shortly after, the band took a time out, after fifteen years of non-stop recording and touring. In order to be able to bring the fans another fifteen years of Templar steel this was a necessary move, to recharge the batteries and return with a fresh energy.

This 18-month break resulted in an invigorated and hungry band, as HammerFall once again reunited with producer Fredrik Nordström, merging his experience with the band members' own for a hard-hitting, in-your-face album. Recorded in Oscar's own Castle Black Studios, the drums, guitar and bass has gotten back that raw energy that hasn't been duplicated since the first album. The vocals were recorded by James Michael, who somehow got Joacim to perform even better than last time. For the mix, Fredrik Nordström spent 3 weeks in his own Studio Fredman to give the production the crisp and powerful polish it has.

(r)Evolution (2014) was released on August 29 and stormed the charts worldwide, debuting on #1 in Sweden and on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart, as well as reaching Top 5 in several other countries. The subsequent tour, dubbed the World Wide (r)Evolution 2014-15, will see HammerFall return to Latin America together with Edguy and Gotthard, followed by a full European assasult in the beginning of 2015. Unfortunately, the band was decimated when drummer Anders Johansson left shortly after the release of (r)Evolution, but David Wallin (Pain) was brought in as a temporary replacement to ensure that the show would go on.

HAMMERFALL stands for powerful, majestic and melodic heavy metal. The memorable choruses, straight and heavy riffs, thundering drums, pounding bass power and outstanding vocals will without a doubt become metal hymns for eternity. Their unstoppable creations reigned in a time when none cared about classical Heavy Metal, and they have and will always deserve credit for bringing the melodies back to metal music.
Founded 1990 in Helsinki, AMORPHIS have worked their way to the apex of the European metal scene and won international renown. The band's name, derived from "amorphous" (no determinate form or shape), has been programmatic for the pioneers of Finnish metal over the course of their 20-year career. Setting a diverse, intricate and unique style to their musical approach, often being described as "ahead of their time", the band accrued a large and loyal international fan base. From their independently released demo "Disment of Soul" (1991) through the current releases, Amorphis have always fused elements of traditional heavy, death and doom metal with a great variety of non-metal influences, including folk, progressive and psychedelia, and managed to create an instantly recognizable sound of their own. The band's break-through came in 1994 with "Tales From The Thousand Lakes". The album won the band a massive fan base around the world, reaching a multitude of listeners among and beyond the metal community, and remains immensely popular to this day.

In the early stages of their career, Amorphis consisted of Tomi Koivusaari (guitarist and original vocalist), Esa Holopainen (guitars), Olli-Pekka Laine (bass), and Jan Rechberger (drums). Together they greatly affected the metal underground, gained recognition and soon scored a multi-album contract with Relapse Records. Shortly after, Amorphis released their debut album, "The Karelian Isthmus". Receiving an impressive response, the band chose to venture further into melodic terrain, adding progressive keyboard sounds here and clean guest vocals (performed by Ville Tuomi of Kyyria) there. The result was the classic "Tales From The Thousand Lakes", which to this day is considered to be one of the most groundbreaking albums in the doom/death genre. For the first time incorporating lyrics from the Finnish national epic, the Kalevala, the album also was the first true manifestation of the influential Amorphis sound: a seamless combination of intoxicating melodies and aggressive sounds delivered with both clean and harsh vocals.

The success of "Tales From The Thousand Lakes" provided Amorphis with the opportunity to tour the European continent several times, and followed by their first US tour in late 1994. Shortly thereafter, the band underwent some major musical and line-up changes. Continuing to feature lyrics based on traditional Finnish folk poetry, the third album "Elegy" introduced a new vocalist, Pasi Koskinen. This adjustment proclaimed a significant transformation in Amorphis' career. Pasi's unique vocals brought a new setting to the music, which now concentrated more on compelling keyboard atmospheres, psychedelic guitar sounds and a distinctive arrangement of the vocals, delivered by both Tomi and Pasi. Encouraged by popular and critical approval, the band members took three years to prepare their next album, honing the newfound style to perfection. "Tuonela" was liberally sprinkled with 1970s-style psychedelic touches and marked another great leap ahead for Amorphis, and its successor, "Am Universum" delved even further into progressive soundscapes.

In 2003, Amorphis released "Far From The Sun". While closer to the band's metal roots than the previous longplayer, the album was again very relaxed and melodic as ever, spiced with Far Eastern touches as well as progressive elements in the vein of Pink Floyd. In the late summer of 2004, long-time singer Pasi Koskinen left the band, and Tomi Joutsen (Sinisthra) joined around the end of the year. With a new singer and new energy, the band recorded "Eclipse", an acclaimed masterpiece that combined the best-loved elements of Amorphis' unique sound with fresh vigour. The album went straight to the top of the Finnish charts and was followed by triumphant live appearances all over Europe before the band retreated again to the recording studio.

"Eclipse" was followed by "Silent Waters" in the late summer of 2007. The dynamic and emotional range of the new songs, all of which were based on a single episode from the Kalevala, went beyond any of Amorphis' earlier albums, yet at the same time hearkened back to the band's past output in all its diversity. The release of the new album was preceded by a string of festival appearances - including Germany's famous Wacken Open Air - and immediately followed by a five-week Finnish tour. The remainder of 2007 found Amorphis in Europe, Russia and Japan, whereas in 2008 they played in southeastern Europe, at a multitude of festivals and, during the fall, in the USA and Canada.

The new album "Skyforger" shares the lyrical concept of the two previous albums, its central character being Kalevala blacksmith Ilmarinen. Musically, the band soars to unprecedented heights; not abandoning the cherished ingredients of their sound but rather refining them, augmenting them with fresh elements, and delivering them with breathtaking passion and intensity. Both the album and the single "Silver Bride" went straight to number one in the Finnish charts, and the live qualities of the new songs were immediately tested and proven on the summer's festival stages. In September, Amorphis went on their first-ever tour of Latin America, followed by the extensive Forging Europe Tour in the fall. In the summer of 2010, the band presented its first-ever live DVD, which includes two full shows recorded in 2009 as well as a career-spanning documentary. The release coincided with the 20th anniversary of Amorphis, which in addition was honored by a compilation of re-recorded classic tracks, released in September 2010.

Nostalgia, however, is not what this band is about. Granted, The Beginning Of Times (2011) showcases their trademark style in perfection, including plenty of reference to the death metal days, yet at the same time it proves that Amorphis have lost none of their progressive edge and experimental spirit. Doing honor to protagonist Väinämöinen, the Kalevala's central character whom myth credits for bringing music into the world, the band brought forth its most versatile and nuanced effort to date; in terms of performance and arrangements as well as rythms and sounds. Iikka Kahri, whose flute and saxophone already graced several songs on Skyforger, was back in the fold, Tomi Koivusaari added a few discreet touches of pedal steel guitar and Santeri balanced the 1970s prog and 1990s death elements with a synth vocabulary straight out of the eighties. More noticeable still was the addition of Netta Dahlberg's backing vocals, which beautifully complement Tomi Joutsen's lead - most poignantly on "Mermaid" and "Soothsayer" but also, for example, on the single You I Need. Besides another number one in Finland, The Beginning Of Times also earned Amorphis their first-ever Top 20 rating in Germany.

At the outset of the third decade, Amorphis continue their musical journey creative as ever – not confined to any predetermined shape, yet always instantly recognizable, always true to their own vision, and always unique.

On August 21, 2012, Amorphis announced on their website that a new album was in the works. On January 17, 2013, the band announced the title and release date for their next record. Circle was released on April 19 in Europe and April 30th in North America. On September 16, 2013, Circle won Metal Hammer´s "The Album of The Year" award. Esa Holopainen on the award, "For us, Album of the Year award is a great recognition for the work done so far. Especially when we got it from our 11th studioalbum."

On August 4, 2014, Amorphis announced on their website and through social media that they would be playing a number of special Tales from the Thousand Lakes 20th Anniversary shows where their 1994 album would be performed in its entirety. Tales from the Thousand Lakes 20th Anniversary shows included festivals such as Wacken Open Air, Maryland Deathfest, and 70000 Tons of Metal with many other tour dates and festivals included.

The band began demoing new songs at the start of 2015, and in 4 March of that same year, it was announced that Amorphis will begin to record a new in album in April 2015, at Fascination Street Studio, Örebro, Sweden with Jens Bogren.

The lyrics will be written once again by Pekka Kainulainen, who says "Like 'Kalevala', they are descriptions of natural phenomena, seasons and the human mind. Reoccuring situations where hope and uncertainty alternate. Attempting to gain advice from higher powers. The poems do not form a complete story per se, but they are drawn together by a certain theme. We live under a red cloud and once again, time weighs us."

The release of the new album was followed by a world tour, with shows in the band's home country of Finland, then other parts of Europe with Nightwish & Arch Enemy in November 2015.

In 15 June 2015, it was announced that the title for the twelfth studio full-length album is Under The Red Cloud, with the artwork and tracklist revealed and with a worldwide release date of 4 September 2015 by Nuclear Blast Records.
Caspian's third attempt at sonic hegemony is Tertia - ten tracks that swirl, that twist and curl out of and into themselves, embracing the paradox of evoking the wildly specific by exploring the elusively abstract. There is a narrative, but it is spasmodic, fleeting moments, amidst songs like "La Cerva" and "Malacoda" where the instruments come together to an inextricable point, yet they seem to be uniting to deliver this: Things are about to fall apart. And then they do. With teeth gritted tighter than previous work, "The Raven" showcases the leaden fury that weighs on the cracking atlas-spine of the album. There is something controlled about the plummet, though. It is as if the fall is really a volatile casting down of the familiar until, in "Vienna," its pieces can be quietly examined amidst the passing violence. Out of the scattered shards comes the closing "Sycamore." Beginning with the most delicate drippings of melody since their debut's "Last Rites," guitar lines weave around each other, bleeding and fading into a mosaic of polyrhythms that, for all their tribal wiliness, ceases with a single snap, soldering the instruments into something fused, smooth, new. Tertia is, at it's blood pumping core, an aural descent through darkness towards a sun-soaked radiance. There is a sweeping sense of storytelling happening here, and fans of the band will have no difficulty assigning their own highly personal meaning to the narrative that unfolds. And yet, Tertia is also simply sixty minutes of new music written by five guys, inspired by the relentless cycle of performing on the road and experiencing a world much larger than the small oceanside town they call home. An honest reaction to life experience is being attempted, and it's taking form in a gloaming full of guitar flurries, bass throbs and pulsating, steady percussion. Since forming in 2004 as a four-piece with no aspirations other than to create music they could collectively appreciate, the band have added a third guitarist, whose weighty presence makes its recording debut here. After playing their first show in their hometown of Beverly, Mass. five years ago, the band have been in a seemingly constant state of motion, bringing their sound well beyond borders they initially imagined, with a plan to add even more this fall. The rain of fists that was their debut EP, You Are The Conductor, bled into the distinctive-but-circular tone poems of their first full-length, The Four Trees. Now, Tertia. One word m
Swallow The Sun
Swallow The Sun
The death/doom luminaries of Finland, Swallow the Sun, started at the turn of the millennium when guitarist Juha Raivio collected a group of friends around him.

The band's first recording, Out of this Gloomy Light demo, was recorded in January 2003 and has become a rare collectors item. This demo also brought them their first record deal with Firebox Records.

With their debut The Morning Never Came Swallow the Sun were elected newcomer of the year by Inferno Magazine and received a full 5 K review in Kerrang. The album was quoted: "One of doom metals finest moments to date".

Ghosts of loss, the band's second full length album climbed to number 8 on the Finnish album charts. This rare occasion, along with heavy touring both in Finland and abroad, laid the groundwork for Swallow the Sun's skyrocketing success.

In September 2006 Swallow the Sun recorded Hope, which was released in January 2007, and hit position 3 on the Official Finnish Album Chart, a feat never before achieved anywhere in the world with a doom album and an achievement which "undoubtedly won't be repeated unless Swallow the Sun do it themselves".

The 2008 release, Plague of Butterflies EP is a 35 minute long three part song of crushing gloom, beauty and despair. It is the story of an old hermit, deep woods, loneliness and the plague. The release also included the rare Out of This Gloomy Light demo that got them signed back in 2003. Never before has the band shown such polarity, ranging from demented screams of desperation to moving, heartrending melodic passages.
Plague of Butterflies was released on September 17th in Europe by Spinefarm Records where it crashed into the Number 1 spot on the Finnish charts in its first week. The EP was released in the US on September 23rd, and was followed by an extensive Finnish and American tour in early 2009.

On May 18th 2009 Swallow the Sun announced that Kai Hahto of Wintersun will be joining to fill the void left by former drummer Pasi Pasanen.

During June and July 2009 Swallow the Sun spent three weeks in Fascination Street studios in Sweden with producer Jens Bogren, recording their new full length release New Moon. The album will be released worldwide through Spinefarm records in November 2009.
Leaves Eyes
Leaves Eyes

Elina Siirala – Vocals

Alexander Krull – Vocals

Thorsten Bauer – Guitar, Bass

Pete Streit – Guitar

Joris Nijenhuis – Drums

World history set to music, seasoned with legends, love and passion -- no less could be said about the second Leaves' Eyes album Vinland Saga. Vocalist Liv Kristine and Co. (a.k.a Atrocity) embark on a mystic journey. Leif Erikson's legendary voyage to Greenland in 1000 A.D., which consequently ended in America according most historians, is depicted by Leaves' Eyes through atmospheric Metal, Rock and sensual ballads. It is a story marked by powerful riffs, melody and string arrangements, which represent a colorful bandwidth of musical styles, truly adequate to the very concept of the album itself and never concealing the Nordic origins of the singer. "I found my inspiration for many of the pieces in the Norwegian art and folk music, as well as in Celtic melodies," explains Liv Kristine. She knew from the very beginning that a special approach was needed for such an ambitious musical enterprise: "I absolutely wanted to work with actual classical instruments for Vinland Saga to do this great story justice."

Classic rock compositions ensnared in strings and kettledrums, loving flowing harmonies, and hammering m
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261 Main Street
Worcester, MA, 01608

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Rachel Bolan Of Skid Row

Rachel Bolan Of Skid Row
A previous interview I did with Mr. Bolan Prior to the release of United World Rebellion


United World Rebellion Chapter 1

The idea to release 3 albums over the course of months is new. Each album gets to have its own turn in the creative spotlight. United World Rebellion Chapter 1 is a power house of a hard rock album. This picks up the sound from the "Slave To The Grind" era of the band. They  have  never sounded more focused and intense especially, on songs like "KIngs Of Demolition", "Stitches", and "This is Killing Me." New music will continue to flow from the hard rock machine that is skid Row. These guys have been rocking stages around the world for decades and their perseverance and dedication to themselves, the music, and the fans comes through in every aspect.  And this much is certain, the first release is full of hard hitting, rocking tunes that deliver.  I talked with bassist, Rachel Bolan about the album, life on the never ending road, and the future of Skid Row.


So this album is actually one of three that will be released?

Yeah when it came up it kind of appealed to us to do this. Instead of waiting seven years between records.(Laughs) It keeps our chops up. Keeps us creative and in this age we are living in, it kind of fits. we have never done anything like this before. It's really cool. we are in the process of writing the second one. Keeps the creative juices flowing plus the fact that we will have new music steadily coming out. People kind of like it. It's funny I have a d.j. friend of mine and he's like I only have about enough time between home and work to hear five songs.  I was like" then this is perfect".

I think the album is just a solid piece of work. "Kings of Demolition", and "Stitches" are two of your best.

Awesome man, Thank you very much.

Do you have a favorite track yourself?

If I had to pick one it would probably be "Kings Of Demolition" The song is really aggressive. I am really proud of the lyrics. It makes you want to go out and smash something. Which is the making of a good rock song.

Your favorite Johnny Solinger vocal on the album?

Well..."Kings Of Demolition", he nailed it. But everything he touches is great. "This is Killing me", his voice is amazing.

How many songs will you play live from this album?

Right now we are doing two probably do three at the most The later we get in our career you start noticing that there are songs that we absolutely have to play. You have to watch the set times. Someone gets pissed cause you can't play this or that. We do about an hour and forty five minutes and we try to get everything in that we possibly can. On festival shows it  becomes, oh man we only have an hour. What are we yanking out of the set?

Do you Ever Get Tired Of playing the old songs?

No man. I'm so proud of those songs. It's part of my life. It becomes part of your soul. Sometimes you get tired of the set but never the songs.

Eddie Trunk on That Metal Show did a rant about how the term "Hair bands" hurts bands from that era. How do you feel about the term?

You know what? It's stupid. It's almost stupid as the term grunge. You know but it is what it is. People call it hair bands because they like us and they come to the show. they can call us jazz fusion, if they like Skid Row then that is all that matters. So many great players came out of "Hair Bands", Bill Leverty from Firehouse is an amazing guitar player. Just cause your under the term "Hair Band" doesn't mean you can't be a great musician.

Craziest experience with Johnny on the tour?

Craziest experience with Johnny? Oh man that's big. I don't remember where we were on the tour. I was on a martini drinking phase. We went to a bar in, I think Texas. A bunch of Johnny's buddies were there. So I ordered him a Martini. They set it down in front of him and he goes" what's this?" I said it's a martini and he slams it down in one shot. I'm like dude you just drank like a whole glass of vodka. This was on the Kiss tour actually. Needless to say we ended up carrying him from bar to bar that night. We had a lot of laughs.

Any plans for a dvd?

Pretty sure the label wants one and after some festivals next summer. I'm sure we will have one.

Playing in different arenas and clubs do you have a different mindset for each one. You know U.S. gigs versus European ones?

It's weird you are exposed more. Like playing in your underwear. You have to build your chops. But it's cool. Over in Europe the fans just want to see good rock music being played. They are loyal. American fans are also very loyal but here they have issues with changes in the band. True for any band. When it's all said and done people come to the shows for the same reason. We have a core audience but your starting to see a younger crowd now. It's incredible that these young kids, who weren't even born when the first record came out where there rocking. Incredible. Leather jackets and patches. Great feeling.

Top 3 Bass players that you admire?

Paul McCartney, Gene Simmons, and Graham Maby, from the Joe Jackson band on the first three records.

Seeing Gene play is amazing. For me that was it. Growing up listening to these guys and the Ramones and then you meet them. Some people still don't realize what an amazing bass player Gene Simmons really is. A lot of people wouldn't cite him but he is amazing. He does all these walking bass lines. He has a passion for being a bassist. I think, I would pass out if I met Paul McCartney. Actually met Graham Maby at a guitar center. I went over and was like hey man I'm sorry I'm in the band Skid Row and I'm a big fan. He was like " I know you guys". It was cool. First time I was ever star struck. We live close to each other. One day I got a package in the mail and it was one of his bass guitars with his autograph. It is one of those things I will treasure forever.

Rachel Bolan 2013 meets Rachel Bolan 1986, what would you say to yourself?

Don't have such a strong opinion on some things and who to trust and who not to trust. And I would also tell myself to follow my gut feeling more.