Metal Blade announces new ARCH/MATHEOS album

Arch / Matheos reveals details for new album, 'Winter Ethereal'; launches video for first single, "Straight and Narrow" In progressive metal circles, the names of guitarist Jim Matheos and vocalist John Arch are spoken with due reverence. With the former having been a driving force in Fates Warning for thirty-five years, and the latter the original front-man of that band, they also have a single seminal work under the Arch / Matheos banner, 2011's Sympathetic Resonance. In 2019, they have reunited to follow that record up with Winter Ethereal, a more stylistically varied and perhaps deeper collection that explores a lot of sonic territory over the course of nine immersive tracks. "This stems from both of us trying to step out of our comfort zones a bit, sometimes voluntarily, sometimes being pushed," states Matheos. "Having worked together so many times, it would be easy to fall into the same way of doing things, and I think we were bo…

Interview with CHLOE TRUJILLO/Artist,songwriter,wife of METALLICA Bassist, ROBERT TRUJILLO

Cry Of The Wolf Magazine Interview Questions for CHLOE TRUJILLO

Wife, Artist, Mother, Musician. CHLOE TRUJILLO has seen and done it all and continues to push boundaries to bring her unique artistic vision to life on many fronts. You may know her as the wife of METALLICA Bassist ROBERT TRUJILLO, but CHLOE leads a life all her own dedicated to the pursuit of artistic value and connection in a chaotic world. 

Thank You for taking the time to do this
Tell us about your upcoming album.
I'm actually working on 2 at the same time...
Take us through the writing process.
Usually when I paint is when I start "hearing" melodies and words, and thanks to nowadays technologies, I can just record my ideas immediately on my phone and keep painting. Later on I listen to my ideas and put together a song. Sometimes though I would be more traditional and play some chords or single notes on piano or guitar or bass and start my writing process that way. I also write poems which become songs.
In your …

Corroded--Bitter--Album Review

     Every once in awhile a band comes through the pipeline that blows the doors off your car. CORRODED is just such a band. This album, BITTER, is chock full of juggernaut riffs, incendiary vocals and quite frankly, one of the best sounding cd in a long time. Not a bad song on the album. This is a band to watch because believe me we have not taken this cd out of rotation here at our mountain hideaway. Hands down a front runner for band of the year from us. CORRODED---BITTER       10/10 Wolf Howls › Pages › Media › Music

Interview with Sinner's Row

Members answering: James - Vocals & Lead Guitar, Steph - Rhythm Guitar, Gordon - Bass and backing vocals, Leo - Drums
First and fore most who came up with the name:  That's a funny story because we were stressing about it for weeks. Gordon and myself (James) had gone back and forth with 100 different names. We were at lunch with my girlfriend Ashley one day and we were like.. Saints and Sinnners.. no that's taken.. Saints Row is a game.. then Ashley piped up "Sinner's Row?" and Gordon and I looked at each other like.. hmm.. maybe? So we slept on it for a day and it still felt right so we went with it.
How would you describe your music? Gordon - Old school thrash/grove metal with a modern edge to it Leo - I think its heavy, melodic and full of groove. The drum sound is very important to me as it is the foundation of the band. If my drums aren’t tuned properly, the overall sound of the band is affected in a negative way. We want our audience to not just hear…

Interview With BARBE-Q-BARBIES

-First and fore most who came up with the name?
Niina: I came up with the name from Soundgarden’s ”Black Hole Sun” music video. There’s a little girl grilling a Barbie doll.

-How would you describe your music?
Heidi: It’s pretty much classic rock with various ”spices” on it. New album is filled with fresh ideas that we hadn’t have chance to carry out on previous albums. Tight rock attitude with a good old punch in the face. This time we are also providing some sentimental wild west guitars and lil’ groovy funk elements as well.
Niina: It definitely got some new elements comparing the previous ones, but at the same time it still sounds like B-Q-B.

-Take us through the writing process. Does everyone contribute?
Heidi: Usually Niki brings a singing melody idea and we start to work on that. With new album we cooperated with the whole band in most of the songs.
Niki:I usually sit at home working on writing melodies and then I ́ll bring my ideas to the band practise and then we start worki…