TRAGEDIAN INTERVIEW WITH CRY OF THE WOLF MAGAZINE including rare photos and a special guest

For most of my interviews I don't usually get a break down of equipment used. Gabrielle from TRAGEDIAN has been kind enough to have his guitar tech write up an explanation of the gear he uses. One thing I know from Gabrielle from my past playing with him, is that he is dedicated to his craft. CRY OF THE WOLF MAGAZINE receives regular updates from the road and studio from TRAGEDIAN. Below is the interview and the guitar tech's viewpoint as well.
       Thank you to Oliver Illias liakos!

1- Describe the writing process for THE new album?
The writing process this time around was a bit similar to the "Dreamscape" sessions. Again more a band effort than "Decimation" as to where I wrote 95% of the material myself except for the melody lines, bass and keyboard parts. First I wrote just the guitar parts for all the songs and then I would meet with Alex once a week for a whole day and started from song 1 and he would compose a melody on the spot and at the same time I …

Tower Of Babel - "Lake of Fire"

Tower Of Babel - "Lake of Fire" tracklist 1.Dragon Slayer2.Its Only Rock N Roll3.Lake Of Fire4.Addicted5.Midnight Sun6.Eternal Flames7.Once Again8.Stardust9.Eyes Of The World10.Lamb And The Wolves11.

Cry OF The Wolf Interviews Guitarist PETER GRAIGS, from SCARS OF GRACE

Cry OF The Wolf Interviews Guitarist PETER GRAIGS, from SCARS OF GRACE

SCARS OF GRACE guitarist and solo artist, PETER GRAIGS, has seen it all. In a lifetime dedicated to his craft he has lived the life many of us only dream about. I found him to very down to earth and we actually talked politics of the world and were on the same page. A rarity in the world of metal I can assure you.

After suffering a debilitating parachute accident which left him with broken fingers and a broken back, he basically had to reinvent himself, his style of playing, everything.

     "Back in the day it was playing fast. After the injury I had to reinvent myself. I go with the flow."

We moved on to his influences.

     "Classical. I grew up with my dad playing songs on the accordion. From rock to pop. I stay away from the radio. My main guitar influence is of course, Randy Rhoads."

 So you stay away from the radio. Why do that?

     " I just don't want other music to influence my wr…

Cry Of The Wolf Magazine Interviews Troy Norr of THEM

The night had fallen around me as I watched the stars cross the sky. I Felt the humidity rise as a small warm breeze rustled the tress, and brought in a hint of  bug spray... and death. The night belongs to those who fear little and wander beyond the light of the sun. The night is when musicians pack their gear and approach the stage with a communal reverence like the pagans of old. The phone rings and I know The person on the other end also belongs to the night. He who was born of the King Diamond nightmare world. But I digress, here is the tale as it was told to me, you may not believe all of it but I know it is true...I was there...

Troy Norr relates quickly how his band, THEM, is not a King Diamond clone band.
      "while we pay homage to King. This is not a clone band. Without King there would be no band of course. He is my main influence. But this band is different sounding and possibly even heavier."
Troy will be singing every night once his tour begins again in Europ…


It’s an incredible accomplishment when a rock band has been successful enough to reach the 25-year mark since the release of their first album.  And this year, raunchy southern rockers Jackyl have accomplished this feat, and are celebrating with an appropriately-titled compilation, ’25,’ which drops July 28 via Mighty Loud Records. 
The 18-track set (which can be preordered via the band’s official site, features such Jackyl radio hits as “Down on Me,” “The Lumberjack,” “Push Comes to Shove,” and “Favorite Sin,” as well as two previously unreleased tracks - a live rendition of “Redneck Punk,” as well as a cover of Black Oak Arkansas’ “Hot and Nasty.” 
“At the time we first hit the scene, we were told by quite a few interviewers and fans that we sounded like a cross between Black Oak Arkansas and AC/DC,” explains Jackyl. “While we was very familiar with AC/DC, we were not with BOA. We…

Cry Of The Wolf Magazine Book Reviews AMERICA 51 By Corey Taylor

Cry Of The Wolf Magazine Book Reviews
AMERICA 51  By Corey Taylor

      The author states that his original chapters for the beginning of this book were deleted shortly after the last election. This writer as well had to delete the first attempt at reviewing So in that respect Mr. Taylor, we are on the same page. The overall review is that the book reads like a slipknot concert, loud, rude and full of anti-for the sake of anti-diatribe awash in profanity. It's a sweaty, whiskey vomit, un showered thrill ride deep into the mind of someone who clearly never got enough hugs as a kid.

   But hats off to Da Capo Press for having the nerve to publish this complete manifesto of self driven, holier than thou piece of dripping slugde. The book itself is put together well. The cover and the promotion are top notch. As is the case with Da Capo. They take pride in what they do no matter what the subject matter may be. And of course I am sure this will sell.
 Fame d…

Cry Of The Wolf Magazine interview with Brett Scott from VANLADE

Cry Of The Wolf Magazine interview with Brett Scott from VANLADE

Pouring rain outside as I await the phone call from VANLADE'S vocalist Brett. My head is spinning from the sonic perfection that pours out of my speakers. This is a classic sounding metal band with a modern twist. Heavy metal at it's American finest.  What follows is a cool conversation with a true metal fan and performer. And yes Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore...

What is new with VANLADE?

We are deep in the writing process. Most of the songs are written. Looks like early 2018 for the release or sooner.

Who are your influences?

Number one would be DIO. He got me obsessed not only with his voice but metal as well. Ian Gillan(DEEP PURPLE), Eric Adams(MANOWAR). Being a vocalist I always look for the harmony and the melody.

What makes the perfect song for you?

Any song that gives you those goosebumps. It has to be hard, heavy. I like a lot of vocal harmony. Heavy, fast, and melodic

How active is the band with social m…