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Tragedian interview

1.First let me say thanks for taking the time to do this interview. Tragedian has a new album coming out and you must be busy.   Your performances in such bands as, Tragedian, Stormwarrior, Deathriders really shows a musical maturity and incredible depth of knowledge of the genre. Your skills have tripled since we jammed. (A side note, we were in a little band called Witch Meadow, a long time ago. Before Witch Meadow recorded its first albums.)   What are your plans for touring behind the new disc? Any festivals in mind that you might play? Your very welcome and always a pleasure to speak to the press and to the fans directly.The new Tragedian release "Decimation"will be released worlwide on July 27,th by our new label Ice Warrior Records.It will be available in shops as a physical cd or online as download through I tunes, Spotify, Amazon and various other various legal download sites. Till now only one show will be played in support of "Decimation" as the Euro