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Tragedian interview

1.First let me say thanks for taking the time to do this interview. Tragedian has a new album coming out and you must be busy.Your performances in such bands as, Tragedian, Stormwarrior, Deathriders really shows a musical maturity and incredible depth of knowledge of the genre. Your skills have tripled since we jammed. (A side note, we were in a little band called Witch Meadow, a long time ago. Before Witch Meadow recorded its first albums.)What are your plans for touring behind the new disc? Any festivals in mind that you might play?
Your very welcome and always a pleasure to speak to the press and to the fans directly.The new Tragedian release "Decimation"will be released worlwide on July 27,th by our new label Ice Warrior Records.It will be available in shops as a physical cd or online as download through I tunes, Spotify, Amazon and various other various legal download sites. Till now only one show will be played in support of "Decimation" as the European Tour p…

Electric Sister

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THE LOST ART OF ROCK & ROLL Released October 25, 2011 (Electric Sister)

Track List:
01. New Mother Earth
02. I Want It All
03. The Leper
04. Monster Girl
05. Goddess
06. The Lost Art Of Rock & Roll
07. Rock Is Religion
08. Echo Park
09. City Of Night Band:
Thadeus Gonzalez - vocals
Jason Lucero - guitar and vocals
Nicholas Hernandez - guitar and vocals
Pete Pacheco - bass
Eddie Colmenares - drums Review:
The Lost Art Of Rock & Roll is a perfect title for this release from Oakland, California newcomers Electric Sister. Clearly this band has captured an impressive, raw 'rock in your face' wall of sound and pounds it into your ears on every track with musical nods to Guns N' Roses, Buckcherry, Metallica, A


COLD BLOODED DEMON Released 2008 (Iron Fist Records)

Track List:
01. Head My Way
02. She's A Drug
03. Lie To Love Me
04. Finally
05. Cold Blooded Demon
06. Such A Disease
07. A Dying Flame
08. Feel It Within
09. Bad Behavior
10. So Far Away Band:
Nathan Yetter - vocals and lead guitar
Jay Hopkins - guitar and backing vocals
Keith Daigle - bass and backing vocals
Rob Baker - drums. Review:
Canadian band Revmatic tears it up on Cold Blooded Demon. This ten song blast of sonically charged tunes grabs you from song to song.
  Stand out tracks include, "A Dying Flame", "Such A Disease", and the title track "Cold Blooded Demon". Revmatic are consistent throughout this album, offering a heavy and thundering approach to their metal. Included on Cold Blooded Demon are touches of punk, Metallica and Stone Temple Pilots, with maybe a hint of Iron Maiden throughout the songs. The vocals are catchy and powerful, and I can only…
Mayhem Fest today!!! Stay tuned for interviews and reviews. Lined up Butcher Babies, jon5, attika7,scorpion child, battlecross, and emmure....spread the cry of the wolf!!!!!!