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Out & Loud Festival 2017

Wrecking your necks severely since 2013, Out & Loud is THE festival in the early open air season you don’t want to miss at any cost. 3 days, 3 bold stages, more than 60 bands and thousands of metalheads going crazy every year - that’s a statistic that speaks for itself already. On top of that Out & Loud offers a great infrastructure at renowned and well set up Eventzentrum Strohofer and an intense and friendly atmosphere bar none. With a wide range of different genres within the metal universe, Out & Loud always makes an effort to offer bands for every taste - not missing up and coming hopefuls besides well known and big names, as well as giving underground bands a chance to put themselves to test on a big stage. See you there, we keep you METALIZED!

Out & Loud Festival 2017
25. - 27.05. Geiselwind

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Sonata Arctica - The Ninth Hour World Tour 2017

Finnish melodic metal masters Sonata Arctica have just released t…

HAMMERFALL---The Interview With Bassist Frederik Larsson


Adrenaline PR news, PAINTED IN EXILE

Painted In Exile
The Ordeal
28 October 2016After unquestionably solidifying themselves as a band-to-watch in the technical progressive metal scene with 2008’s 3.14 demo and 2009’s Revitalized EP – the latter of which called, “a creative fireball of attention-grabbing music,” and touted as “mind-blowing” – fans have been eagerly awaiting a full-fledged comeback. After dropping a track here (specifically 2014’s “DM”) and a hint there for the last few years, PAINTED IN EXILE are officially back with their brand new, first full-length album, The Ordeal, set for release on October 28, 2016.

Pre-orders are available for The Ordealnow via Featuring the band’s signature progressive sound that further melds classic rock, jazz, classical and even hip-hop influences, The Ordeal transcends far beyond what PAINTED IN EXILE has released to date, fully showcasing the band’s gifted and refreshed line-up.

The Ordeal was produ…


Ravencult premieres second single, "Tormentor Of Flesh", via

Ravencult comments: "'Tormentor Of Flesh' is the opening track of the new album, serving the cause of direct attack in our trademark paces & riffing. Lyrically it's about profane acts of torment against divine flesh, while musically it reflects our adoration for the 80s gods like Possessed/Venom/Slayer. Rejoice in Blasphemy."

Originating from Athens, Greece, Ravencult was spawned to revive the relentless side of black/thrash metal, bringing forth an unpolished, organic sound to manifest their morbid darkness. With Force Of Profanation, they dive even deeper into the abyss of metal obscurity, delivering a merciless barrage of metallic death that continues the tradition of their trademark conceptual axis: revenge, horror and mocking of all that is holy.

See below for the official track-listing!

Force Of Profanation track-listing
1. Tormentor Of Flesh
2. In Macab…

ATMF releases

Ur Draugr / Haar
Haar / Ur Draugr
7 October 2016 Black and death metal are often regarded as hostile to innovation, preferring instead to rely on staid ideas. A new alliance between Haar, the forefront of Scotland’s discordant avant-garde, and Ur-Draugr, a mighty, progressive Australian black metal force, proves that such orthodoxy is merely a border to be crossed by the curious.  Perfectly merging the musical atmosphere and sinister evokations of both artists, this split release is powerfully supported by the artistic vision of Costin Chioreanu, who has truly captured the essence of Ur Draugr and Haar’s message in visual manifestation. Over the course of three dissonant, savage tracks, Haar explore the concept of Sehnsucht, the almost pathological yearning the human psyche has for faith, to believe in some sort of supernatural essence or meaning, to find significance or resonance amidst the chaos of mundane existence. Ur Draugr contribute with a single, esoteric trac…

TYTUS release new video

Just released the video for "Haunted", brand new single from "Rises", debut full length from Italian heavy metal band TYTUS. CD version out on October the 5th on US label Sliptrick Records.

TYTUS - Rises:

DESTROY ALL GONDOLAS - s/t - 7" ep (KAC018)
TYTUS - White Lines - 7" ep (KAC017)
THE BROKENDOLLS - Wolves Among Sheep - Lp/Cd (KAC015)
THE SADE - II - Cd/Lp (KAC014)

VEONITY, Into The Void album review


PRETTY MAIDS set to release KINGMAKER on Frontiers Music

Frontiers Music s.r.l.
4 November 2016Tracklisting: When God Took A Day Off; King Maker; Face The World; Humanize Me; Last Beauty On Earth; Bull's Eye; King Of The Right Here And Now; Heavens Little Devil; Civilized Monsters; Sickening; Was That What You Wanted; King Maker (Extended Version) (Digital Bonus Track).

“Kingmaker” is Pretty Maids’ highly anticipated follow up to 2013's critically and commercially successful release “Motherland", a record that continued the “revitalized” path that the band set out upon with the now classic album “Pandemonium”.

It's always difficult to follow a successful and inspired record, but “Kingmaker” shows Pretty Maids are still in the freshest and most vital phase of their career since the early 90’s.

The production is absolutely stellar thanks to Jacob Hansen (Volbeat), who has given the band a sound that not only reinvigorates them, but also incorporates the soundscapes of the past. Modern and class…


Dim Days of Dolor
Napalm Records
11 November 2016Mastermind Morten Veland has just one thing in mind for Sirenia in 2016: pure and utter melancholy. Almost two years after The seventh life path the Norwegian is ready to unleash his latest and most diverse dark vision of gothic and symphonic metal that shuns the light and stays enshrouded in the ‘Veil of winter‘: Dim days of dolor also marks the first Sirenia release featuring Emmanuelle Zoldan on lead vocals – a trained opera singer who has been with Sirenia as a choir singer for over a decade! New life for one of the genre`s biggest and most popular acts, and also proof that gloom paired with elegant grandeur and a metallic punch can mean pure bliss to some…

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Napalm Records
11 November 2016

Arkona`s debut album Vozrozhdenie was originally released in 2004 and firmly placed bot…

SECRET SPHERE One Night in Tokyo

One Night in Tokyo
Frontiers Music s.r.l.
14 October 2016Secret Sphere are without a doubt one of the most well known metal bands in Japan, with a solid fan base there since their inception in 1997. All their albums have been released in Japan and in fact, it is the only country where you can find Secret Sphere’s very rare, original debut demo tape, officially released as a special edition item there! That says a lot about the respect and affection that the fans in the Land of the Rising Sun have for Aldo LoNobile’s band!

During the band’s last Japanese tour, in support of the Special Anniversary Edition of the band’s signature album “A Time Never Come”, Secret Sphere had the chance to record their show in Tokyo in its entirety, which included all the band’s major hits: “Legend”, “Under The Flag Of Mary Read,” plus the melodic metal gems taken from the latest album “Portrait Of A Dying Heart". Featuring vocalist extraordinaire Michele Luppi (now also keyb…