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HAMMERFALL---The Interview With Bassist Frederik Larsson

"Most people laughed at us in the beginning, but we proved them wrong "   HAMMERFALL Back in 1997 while most of the United States was knee deep in the Grunge movement, a power metal band emerged from Sweden that would challenge the status quo and keep the metal flame burning for a new generation. I spoke with Bassist, Frederik Larsson about Touring, Recording, and the lasting legacy of HAMMERFALL as they are set to release their latest album,BUILT TO LAST! Greetings It's early for you. Yes it's about 5 am here.   Take us through the recording process for the new album. Yes. It is still pretty fresh for me. We had a deadline to get it down and I still have not listened to all of it. So it's really fresh for me. It continues from the "Revolution" album. Recorded the same way, the same people. The drummers are different of course. But it feels like a natural progression from Revolution. Mostly the parts are basically writt

VEONITY, Into The Void album review

VEONITY INTO THE VOID SLIPTRICKRECORDS Here at the office, we get a lot of cds. And an equal number of power metal cds. While the very nature of power metal means that you have superior performances by musicians at the height of the technical prowess, most lose it all in the mix down. The end result is a fantastic sonic pile of mush. Few bands can find that ability to rise above and separate the perfect ingredients without over cooking. VEONITY is not that band. They have found that magical sweet spot whereby raw talent mixes equally well with production and style. The end result on their latest release, INTO THE VOID” Is nothing short of a sonic masterpiece. Here is a band that plays to its strengths. Each track is a master class in performance and control. Stand out tracks to me are: “Winds Of Faith”, “Astral Flames”, “Awake”. Great cover, great look and production. This is a band to watch. Some are asking who will carry the flame now that M

Tyketto Discusses new album and life after Grunge

Tyketto is a hard rock band based out of New York City . The group was put together in 1987 by former Waysted vocalist Danny Vaughn , Brooke St. James ( guitar ), Jimi Kennedy ( bass ), and Michael Clayton ( drums ) completed the lineup. By 1990, the band had signed to Geffen Records and released their debut album Don't Come Easy , which included the successful single "Forever Young." Musically, the album was somewhere between Whitesnake and Bon Jovi , and Tyketto opened for the former on many bills. However, the rise of the grunge sound in 1991 saw Tyketto's hopes of a big breakthrough begin to recede. Jimi left the band and was replaced by Jamie Scott. Their second album was rejected by Geffen and finally emerged in 1994 under the title Strength in Numbers on CMC International in the USA and Music for Nations elsewhere in the world. 2014 brought with it the 25th anniversary of the band forming and major touring plans and bookings followed along with t

Kee Marcello Interview (Formerly With EUROPE)

I try to write just me and my guitar, like I would in the 70's in my room. Trying to get back to just heart and soul .----KEE MARCELLO I had the chance to chat with KEE MARCELLO, formerly with the band EUROPE, EASY ACTION, and now recently signed to FRONTIERS RECORDS. I sat in my car on a cloudy 70 degree New England day and he was at home across the big pond.   "I'm in Gothenburg Sweden and its raining. Rainy skies are not unusual for the west coast of Sweden. What is in the water in Sweden? There are so many good bands pouring out of the country. (laughs), well I tell you it has not always been that way. I was in a band called EASY ACTION back in the early 80's and we were the first Swedish band to ever sign a major record deal. What happened here is that we have really good music schools here in Sweden. And that has given rise to all sorts of acts like IN FLAMES, HARDCORE SUPERSTARS. The music school system is really happening here. Tell