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Tragedian guitarist, founder, Gabriele has revealed that the new cd is almost complete and that they will announce a new keyboard player in January. Looking forward to this next release. Check them out. Published on Feb 21, 2013 TRAGEDIAN - "Reach For The Sky" from the coming album "Decimation". The album will be released via IceWarrior Records ( ) Enjoy it!!!

Best new Power Metal Album of 2016....and the winner is?????

So we were going to go down a list of top ten. Then it stretched to top twenty. So many good releases this year in not only power metal but also hard rock and classic metal as well. Both known and unkown bands. We do a lot of promoting for Frontiers Records and Beyond. They released some killer bands this year, Nordic Union, Inglorious, Primal Fear...among many others.... Hammerfall released an awesome album this year as well. Amon Amarth...Saxon....Lords Of Black Metallica....They just wrote the follow up to "Master Of Puppets". fantastic double album .megadeth....Mustaine never stops writing killer riffs Sabaton...continuing to carry the flag of metal to the future But.... On sliptrick records......veonity is the hands down winner for best power metal release:                                                               Into The Void Hands down just a fantastic album. From Song one to the end this album does not disappoint. People ask what b


OK Metalheads around the world. Check out the facebook page for my blog: CRY OF THE WOLF We are gearing up for a killer metal release year in 2017. log in, stay tuned, rock on!

Sebastian Bach "18 and Life on Skid Row"

Sebastian Bach "18 and Life on Skid Row" Dey St. /Harper Collins   Sebastian Bach's Rock And Roll autobiography reveals a former Youth Gone Wild excessive rock salesman aging gracefully into nostalgia and fatherhood. Everything you thought you knew about Bach's rock star lifestyle is laid bare in a raw, honest, truth be told fashion. Bach doesn't hold anything back and why should he? From his rise to fame with the premier hard rock band, SKID ROW to their inevitable breakup and his remarkable ability to bounce back from all manner of roadblocks, this book proves Bach is the premier front man of his generation. No one holds the torch higher for celebrating rock and roll and all it encompasses. Bach was not only a poster child for the female fans but also a leader of rebellious youth all over the world. IF rock and heavy metal had a spokesperson, Sebastian Bach would be the one.    The raw and brutal honesty retained within the pages of his book mir