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Eddie Trunk Interview( One From The Archives Series)

I  have been spending some time in my archives and I came across this gem. Eddie Trunk is one of metal stalwart torch bearers. His That Metal Show is a staple around the globe for metal fans.I had a chance to interview Eddie early in my pursuit of this passion. This was originally published on The Ripple Effect. Enjoy...             Eddie Trunk   essential Hard Rock and Heavy Metal volume 2 Abrams image publishing 9/24/2013       Eddie Trunk is a stalwart proponent of the metal genre. He is well respected within the metal community as a man of knowledge and passion for this musical style. His loyalty and dedication to the music, artists, and fans was born out of a simple love of the music. For 30 Years he has been leading the metal battle cry for all who do not believe. His latest book is a testament to that passion and drive. A forward by none other than Slash himself kicks off this literary tour de force of bands, that helped shape and define the heavy me

Interview With Ross The Boss

Interview With Ross The Boss   When you get a chance to speak with a musician who was directly responsible for writing some of metals greatest anthems and flag bearing songs, you get nervous. I rarely find myself like this.   A chance to talk with Ross The Boss formerly of the Dictators and Manowar. I jumped at the opportunity. Ross has been extremely busy with the metal all stars and such. And of course his power metal tour de force, Death Dealer. This band is about to drop a new album, Hallowed Ground on October 2nd. Hands down, destined to be one of the top ten of 2015 and beyond. You may have caught the video for "Break The Silence". Just the band doing what they do and lots of fire. This is heavy metal always played on ten.     How is it going? It is going very well I would say. The new album has just an incredible metal sound. Do you guys jam together in a room or is this all done via file sharing? Well whenever we are together. Whatever tim

Interview With Gary Hughes From the band TEN

  Interview with Gary Hughes from the power metal band, Ten     I had the opportunity to send out some questions to Gary Hughes, vocalist for the power metal band Ten. If you have not heard of these guys then check them out. Hands down one of the best power metal acts out there.               1. Your music contains so many facets of heavy metal and power metal in particular. Which bands were the most influential and why?   The most influential of the genre you mean? I’d definitely say Deep Purple, Rainbow and Iron Maiden. Perhaps it’s the British amity thing going on there, but I’m sure most of the readers would agree if I said that these bands certainly influenced the scene more than any other. When it comes to us though, I’d say that our influences vary, from the late Deep Purple years (Come Taste The Band must be my favourite Deep Purple album), to Whitesnake, Michael Schenker and of course the 80s NWOBHM and Hard Rock scene in general. I’m pro