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Cry Of The Wolf Social Media Experience

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Lyria Interview

 lyria          Lyria is fronted by the incredible mezzo soprano, ALINE HAPP. This symphonic alternative metal band is one of the brightest upcoming stars in the genre. Perfect melody intertwines with powerful metal. Lyria is very active across all social media channel and is one of a handful of younger bands that have a grasp on the new music industry. While other bands struggle with their online presence, lyria makes it look easy. We had Aline answer a few questions regarding the current status of Brazil's biggest underground sensation. The new album, immersion comes out April 11th. Be sure to get your copy!  What is the band currently working on? I am working on everything that involves the release of our new album, Immersion, which will be on April, 11. So, I am organizing the crowdfunding campaign rewards, scheduling concerts, promoting  events, answering interviews and the band is also practicing a lot for the concerts.  describe your writing

Too Much Exposure

      Is the current ability for a band to saturate social media on a daily or even hourly basis a good thing or a bad thing? Some argue there is never too much exposure. That in order to survive the modern music industry you have to be active on all social media channels. But where do you limit yourself. Do you post nonstop to the point where your audience goes numb? This is mostly of concern to the younger bands. How do they handle the new normal? For older bands it becomes an amusing side note to what they do everyday. They don't need the exposure but they need to stay relevant and present something new to a younger audience. This becomes a game of sorts but it does not seem to overwhelm or flood the senses. It appears to be enjoyable to them and that translates as enjoyable to us.      Younger bands however may feel pressured to post nonstop entry into the social media caliphate and not let anyone get a chance to breathe. And the content may be lost as well. Sure we want