Lyria Interview

 Lyria is fronted by the incredible mezzo soprano, ALINE HAPP. This symphonic alternative metal band is one of the brightest upcoming stars in the genre. Perfect melody intertwines with powerful metal. Lyria is very active across all social media channel and is one of a handful of younger bands that have a grasp on the new music industry. While other bands struggle with their online presence, lyria makes it look easy. We had Aline answer a few questions regarding the current status of Brazil's biggest underground sensation.
The new album, immersion comes out April 11th. Be sure to get your copy!

 What is the band currently working on?

I am working on everything that involves the release of our new album, Immersion, which will be on April, 11.
So, I am organizing the crowdfunding campaign rewards, scheduling concerts, promoting  events, answering interviews and the band is also practicing a lot for the concerts.

 describe your writing process. Is it one person with a riff or a team effort?
It is a team effort. We mix our ideas and put them together. Most of them come from my melodies.

 How has the metal scene in your area  treated the band?
Our fan base is growing a lot here, and it is funny that many of them weren't so familiar to other metal bands before.

 Female fronted metal and symphonic metal bands have exploded on the scene, especially from Europe. What do you attribute to the rising success of these bands as well as your own?
I think many girls can get inspiration on the singers about being successful. Talking about the sound, it is heavy and at the same time, very melodic, so it pleases many different people.

Social media: positive or negative as it relates to your band
Totally positive.

 name your influences
From Epica, Lacuna Coil, After Forever, Evanescence, Within Temptation to Disturbed, Linkin Park and Creed.

one band you would love to tour with
Just one? Oh Gosh...! Any band from the last question.

any subject matter you will not write about
I don't know. I can't say I will never write about something.

. hardest thing about being a musician
There is a lot of pros and cons as in any profession. Maybe I could say that you have to be always creating something new, you have to be seen and known... and this is not easy. :P
 name a band in your cd collection that fans would never expect

Hmm... BackstreetBoys? 

 Any merchandise?
Yes, a lot hahaha. CDs, photos, posters, T-shirts and much more on our site, I also make jewelry. I sell them on fairs, our concerts and on my page.

Any touring regimens to stay healthy?
Eating hamburgers, pasta, some vegetables and drink a lot of water and chocolate milk. LOL

 Advice to upcoming bands?
Work a lot, be happy and never give up.

Anything you would like to say to your fansLyria Army, thank you for your support! <3 
Lyria is:
Aline Happ- Mezzo Soprano
Thiago zig--bass
Rod Wolf--guitar
Thiago Mateu--drums
check out lyria!


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