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Ross The Boss Interview for the 2018 By Blood We Tour!

      Continuing The North American leg of their 2018 worldwide by Blood we Tour, The Ross The Boss Band will roll Into New Bedford Mass to tear apart the Vault on Wednesday, June 27th. For Ross it is a continuation of his assault on the metal masses. For vocalist Marc Lopes it is a victorious home coming, as he hails from New Bedford. The ultimate tale of a local musician who worked his ass off and achieved the ultimate gig.  We talked with Ross recently about his latest offering, By Blood Sworn. "Metal is starting to change" Ross States as our conversation begins. We are doing our part he expresses. By Blood Born is an incredible collection of classic heavy metal raise your fist anthems. Marc Lopes is clearly a perfect fit for Ross' incendiary guitar work. Hands down this is one of the best sounding metal albums we have heard so far this year. Ross expressed his desire to play at least 4 or 5  of the new songs in addition to the classic Manowar catalog. " W

Interview with Shredder Guitarist, Gia Federico

  In a world full of guitar shredders, Gia Federico stands taller than the rest. Her shredding skills are a master class in the genre. Recently We had a chance to pose some questions to the fiery Boston based guitarist.   Which guitarist would be your all time greatest influence?     Tough  to say ,  Eddie Van Halen  ,   i first heard him made me want to  play , his sound  and the way he plays .  the other players  on here as well  ,    Randy Rhoads , Jeff Beck,   Jimmy page ,  Hendrix ,   Malmsteen ,   Vai , Satriani       Growing up in New England how has the music scene changed?   I think   its  hard , so many places have closed ,   especially for original bands its really hard  here.   What has been the biggest obstacle as a musician?      Biggest obstacles ,  meeting the right people  just to play with lol,  trying to get your music out there ,   to make money as an original artist is hard , especially  when  commerci