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Hellspeak The Slaughter Rule Of Agony Marc Lopes---Vocals Matt Leff-------Guitar Chris Rapoza--Bass Jason Bittner---Drums      Normally when I listen to a new album to review I sit back and let the computer speakers handle it. For this particular release I thought it would be best to get in my car and drive. The music exploded from my car speakers and it was good and it was loud and it is metal. Hellspeak delivers on a scale that should propel them to a national  spotlight. Hellspeak has recorded one of the best metal albums I have heard from a local artist. The mastermind behind this molten metal masterpiece is Marc Lopes. Truly he is a fan of metal as well as a performer extraordinaire. From his social media postings  to his other metal side projects which include a vocal slot in the band Meliah Rage, Marc Lopes is metal. Hands down. And once again a New England Metal tone to the over all recording.That certain tone that only bands from the East Coast seem to be able t

Eddie Trunk Anniversary Party

  Epic.       Just a word, but it is a good word.  A strong word to help you visualize the type of night that went down at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square, New York City. To honor Eddie Trunks 30 years in the radio business promoting and supporting heavy metal music. That much time in an ever changing industry is a testament to the his passion for the metal genre. His enthusiasm wasn't tempered by age or fame, he stood center to the stage, deep in the audience to experience, as he said  "where it all began".    His focus was unwavering as The Winery Dogs hit the stage. A band that he personally had a hand in creating. Approached by dozens of fans who wanted photos or handshakes, he never stopped smiling and was quick to point out to bystanders a guitar lick or a drum roll that caught his attention. Later in the evening Mike Portnoy, drummer extraordinaire and Winery Dog member, rolled out one of the most impressive roll calls in hard rock and meta