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Interviewe with JUSTINE from BLUE MIDNIGHT

 LA based, blue midnight is a power house of searing melody and metal riffs, tempered by an overall spacial sensuality that puts your restless soul into a deep dream like state. In fact they have dubbed their brand of metal, dream metal, and there is no doubt this band is a force to be reckoned with. 1. Take us through the writing process Justine: The writing process is very emotional for me. I usually always start with lyrics because I always want to make sure that I’m telling a story and my own personal truth. I like to really think about the words and the journey of the song. I love to think about highs and lows.It always starts with a pen and paper. I don’t even type. I really think handwritten lyrics are more powerful and more raw. 2. What has been the most satisfying moment as a band? Justine: I remember when we were getting ready to play our first gig ever and we had trouble getting things down in rehearsal. We kept messing up a chorus or two. It took us hours