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An Interview With George Lynch

A guitar Icon. There are few modern day guitarists who are more instantly recognizable. His tone and passion for his artistry marks him as truly one of the greatest players who ever picked up the instrument. George Lynch is constantly upgrading his legendary status with assorted projects. Now you can add Movie documentary to his long list of credits. I had a chance to speak with George Lynch about guitars, KXM, Lynch Mob, Native Americans, and Michael Sweet of stryper singing for T&N. You have a lot going on. As we speak I am in the studio with Oni Logan. Finishing up the Ly nch Mob album. . It has been bugging me for years to finish it. The songs are just really good and it gets frustrating having to wait but I couldn’t find any other way to commit to the time. They are important songs. Finally found a way to do it and we are just killing it in the studio. We would like to do a quick turnaround and get it out before the end of the summer. How do you find the time t

The Raskins An Interview With Roger Raskin

        The Raskins I had the chance to speak with Roger Raskin. Roger along with his brother Logan and an insanely talented band are currently on tour opening for Motley Crue and Alice Cooper. Landing such a prestigious spot is never something to take lightly; and the fact that this is Motley Crue's final tour is not lost on The Raskins, as they rock stages across the United States this summer. How is the tour going? Tour has been going amazing. The reception has been amazingly good and the guys are playing well. Has it been tough opening for the Crue on their final tour? It is an interesting question.   When the tour started I wasn't sure how the crowd would accept us. But you know obviously they come to see Alice Cooper and Motley Crue. But my guys give 100% and the crowd really appreciates that. After we play we do a meet and greet and the fans have been incredible. I am really psyched about everything so far. The album is doing really w

Kobra Paige Interview

Kobra Paige Interview   Canadian power metal superstars, Kobra And The Lotus are taking the world by storm. Their latest album " High Priestess" is a tour de force of in your face metal. It is the album to buy in 2014. "I am, I am", "Soldier", "Warhorse", and the incredible title track, "High Priestess, this album is full of searing metal anthems. I spoke with Kobra Paige about life on the road with Kiss/Def Leppard, recording, and tarot cards.     How is the tour going so far? I know it just started.       Yeah it’s going great.  I hope it never ends.   Is the Kiss/def Leppard tour going to Europe too or is just the states?       Just the states. We don’t know their plans after this tour but we are still planning to go overseas.   How long did it take to write the new album?       Oh man. That is hard to answer. Songs were written before. About a year in the making. Some were ideas