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Happy New Year Metal Friends and family

From all of us at Cry Of The Wolf Magazine : Happy new year!!!! So many good bands put out tremendous albums this year. Hard to nail it down to just one so here are a few stand outs: 1. Tragedian....Unholy Divine   2. Beast In Black....Berserker 3. Lancer....Mastery 4. Niviane...The Druid King 5. Bloodbound....war Of Dragons 6. Angel Nation....Aeon Of course there are so many other bands out there as well. This is just the top 6. Get out and pick up these albums, and check out local bands.   

American Standards Anti-Melody

  American Standards Anti-Melody American Standards is pure and unstoppable American metal. Brutal in its complexity. This juggernaut of a band will lead the way for Heavier Metal into 2018 and beyond. Check out the song "Carpe Diem" Brutal sonic perfection. There is a beauty in the power unleashed by American standards. Watch this band!!! 9/10 Wolf Howls Cry Of  The Wolf Magazine YOUTUBE: BANDCAMP: http://AmericanStndrds. FACEBOOK: AmericanStandards From the press release:   Sometimes strong emotions can make you lose focus. That’s not the case for  Phoenix, AZ  based four-piece  American Standards . After losing their founding guitarist to suicide, then shortly after the vocalist Brandon Kellum’s father to cancer, the chaotic hardcore band founded in 2011 released their most emotionally and socially poignant album to date. 

Tragul – Tree of Life (single) (2017)

Tragul – Tree of Life (single) (2017) Tragul’s single, “Tree of Life” is a powerhouse of epic female fronted melodic metal. This is superior songwriting from a band that should achieve great things in 2018. It’s all here in this single. The power, the passion, the unrelenting positive vibes from a band that knows no bounds. This is sonic perfection. 8/10 Wolf Howls CRY OF THE WOLF MAGAZINE Inspired by Nightwish, Rhapsody, Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius, Dionysus, Benegas describes TRAGUL’s music as “strong, melodic, dramatic, rhythmic, and bright.” Tragul’s members, vocalist  Zuberoa Aznarez  (Diabulus In Musica), guitarist  Steve Conley  (Flotsam and Jetsam), bassist  Oliver Holzwarth  (ex Blind Guardian, ex Rhapsody of Fire, ex Tarja) and drummer  Alex Holzwarth  (ex Rhapsody of Fire) bring a galaxy of talent to enhance and execute Benegas’ sonic dreamscapes.   As befits such a musically innovative band, TRAGUL are exploring new nontra

Angel Nation - Aeon Inner Wound Recordings

 Angel Nation is a must have for any true fan of heavy metal. Their album, " Aeon", featuring the powerhouse vocals of Finnish Elina Siirala, is chock full of impressive power metal and epic heavy metal tunes. The album is a master class in what makes a great metal album. Check out "Burn The witch", "Free", and "Enough is Enough". Elina's scorching vocals compliment this musical juggernaut extremely well. How she is going to find the time to front two major bands(leaves eyes) is beyond me but she pulls this album off flawlessly. This is another band from inner wound recordings to watch in 2018 10/10 Wolf Howls Cry Of The Wolf Magazine Angel Nation - Aeon Inner Wound Recordings 2017 – IW83073 Music style: Melodic metal, symphonic metal Release date: October 27th EAN: 0750253122676 Short album info: Angel Nation, the melodic metal band founded by the classically trained Finnish singer Elina Siirala [also in Leaves' Ey

Metalite - Heroes In Time Inner Wound Recordings 2017

Metalite is certainly a contender on the international female fronted metal band stage. This debut album is very, very impressive. I would dare say they could give Nightwish a run. Powerful vocals that thread the needle between hard rock and power metal. Metalite is a shining star that has all the makings of a super group. Incredible musicianship all around. This is the future of metal! Check out: "Afterlife", "Power Of Metal" 8/10 Wolf Howls Cry Of The Wolf Magazine Metalite - Heroes In Time Inner Wound Recordings 2017 – IW83072 Music style: Melodic metal Release date: October 27th EAN: 0750253122621 Short album info: "Heroes In Time" is an impressive debut album filled with melodic and memorable songs, crowned with the strong and emotional vocals by vocalist Emma Bensing as well as a powerful production by Jacob Hansen [Volbeat, Evergrey, Amaranthe]. The artwork was created by Jan Yrlund [Apocalyptica, Leah, Delain]. Track listi

Power Quest Sixth Dimension

Power quest is one of the premier power metal bands of the modern age. With Sixth Dimension they have achieved a perfect sonic blend of all the best power metal elements. From Keyboards to drums and all in between, this is the band to have in your collection. Check out "sixth Dimension", "Kings and Glory", and my personal favorite, "Revolution Fighters". You must own every album by this band if you consider yourself a power metal fan. Superior full speed metal.  9/10 Wolf Howls Power Quest online Website: Facebook: Power Quest - Sixth Dimension Inner Wound Recordings 2017 – IW83069 Music style: Melodic metal, Power metal Release date: October 13th EAN: 0750253122607 Short album info: Power Quest, led by founder Steve Williams, return with their 6th album and first since 2011. "Sixth Dimension" is prime time PQ. Melodic, catchy and uplifting which


Ammunition was founded in 2014 by the songwriting duo Age Sten Nilsen (former WIG WAM singer) and the multi-talented Erik Mårtensson (Eclipse, W.E.T., Nordic Union). The band released the acclaimed debut album "Shanghaied" in 2015 independently. Teaming up with former TNT and Jack In The Box bassist Victor Cito Borge, keysman Lasse Finbråten (Circus Maximus, ex-Wig Wam), skinsman Magnus Ulfstedt (Eclipse), and the exceptional guitar player Jon Pettersen, Ammunition has made a name for themselves as an incredible live act.    The first taste of music from this self-titled album was released earlier in 2017. "Wrecking Crew" (written by Nilsen and Mårtensson) landed on the Norwegian charts, taking AMMUNITION to the Norwegian Eurovision grand finale. The full length, original version of the song will be included on the forthcoming album, produced and mixed by the band's guitar player and co-writer, Erik Mårtensson.    Musically AMMUNITION

Cry Of The Wolf Interview with Geoff Tate of Operation: Mindcrime, (Queensryche)

Cry Of The Wolf Interview with Geoff Tate of Operation: Mindcrime, (Queensryche) Geoff Tate has released the final album for his Operation: Mindcrime trilogy, A New Reality. I spoke with him about the current album, touring, Missing keyboard players, and the general state of the music business. Thanks for taking the time to do this. Take us through the writing process. Well for this particular project it was the story followed by the music. I wrote this several years ago while hiking in Spain. Came w=up with quite a few musical outlines and it grew from there. There is no set way. Sometimes it’s a word or a figure that starts it all off. Or just a short idea that you have. You try to write a song that describes how you feel at the moment. Turns into a song Do you take the ideas and take it to the band or is all done via file sharing? For this project we brought them in and we sat in one place for a few weeks and recorded. It was a matter of playing a