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SLUGFEST book review

As a kid you were either a DC or a MARVEL fan. The reasons for each were simple  enough. Whichever comic book captured your young imagination first was the winner. For me it was and always will be MARVEL.   But behind the scenes of these two mega iconic publications there has always been a power struggle. Reed Tucker presents this 50 year battle of giants in a clear and concise format. Leaving no stone UN turned, Tucker dives deep into the cut throat world of comic book icons.   Another solid feather in the cap for DA CAPO PRESS. This book is a great read and a must have for any fan of comics and comic action movies in general. Open this book and immerse yourself in the continuous civil war of comic book legends like STAN LEE and DC.  SLUGFEST is available now at all outlets. 9/10 wolf howls

Steelheart, Through Worlds Of Stardust

Let there be no doubt, Miljenko Matijevic has one of the most powerful and recognizable voices in rock. His prowess with earlier STEELHEART albums proves this and his explosive expression on the soundtrack for the movie rock star solidifies him in the pantheon of rock God vocals.  This new album is equally on par to become legendary. Every song on this release is chock full of crazy fun loud and powerful rock and roll. Something for everyone. Check out " My Dirty Girl", "You Got Me runnin" and "You got me twisted". This is pure heavy rock and roll. Pick up this album when it comes out and play it loud. Through Worlds Of Stardust------ 9/10 wolf howls Steelheart is the brainchild of Miljenko Matijevic whose powerful voice and multi-octave range is the heart and soul of the band. Although they were lumped in with the glut of long-haired hard rock bands emerging in the early ‘90s, the band was always more forward thinki

Niviane The druid King

Niviane is a power house of power metal. It is heartening to see such worthy talent upcoming. This band and its music is sure to rise to the top of the american power metal scene. Soaring vocals and killer thunderous riffs. Guitar interludes that will blow you away. You must get this album. Look for a release this November.      Vocalist Norman Skinner is the real deal, honest, and true to his craft. He comes across as a down to earth true fan of power metal who is not plagued by ego problems like other musicians. I had a chance to speak briefly with him. " It comes down to something that I consider listening to over and over." was his response to what makes a perfect song. Later he would mention that he tries not to write songs that sound repetitive just to fill out an album. In regards to the longevity of power metal Skinner relates: " There is that formula thing. There are so many great bands out there. I'm constantly hearing them. Probably more than