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Cage Interview          I talked with Sean Peck, vocalist and visionary for the metal band, CAGE, as they were about to visit ground zero in New York City. Sean Peck Is an author, vocalist, heavy metal spokesman. His imagination knows no limits. He is the Stephen King of heavy metal.   I found this metal vocalist to be full of ideas and driven to bring his band to the forefront of legendary metal bands.     So what's new in the CAGE world today? We are on the tour and today we will be doing a little sightseeing at ground zero. In Light of recent events overseas. How do you feel about security? I am actually going over to Israel Dec 17th, on the Metal Titans Show.   So that is going to be a different perspective. They deal with it 24-7. It's a fine line between balancing personal liberty and protection. I'm not all for massive phone tapping. Everyone should just be strapping a pistol to their side. Let the chips fall where they may. If som