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An Interview With Lita Ford

Before Lita Ford became an icon of 80's MTV, the guitarist was a pioneer in the all female rock band, The Runaways.
Alongside Joan Jett, Ford made a name for herself as a hard rocking, hard living musician. “Living Like a Runaway. A Memoir” takes us through her career from struggling to be recognized as a female guitarist, to a video icon and darling of the 80's hair metal scene. Ford talked about her book, her life, and her passion for music
"Looking back. It was a ride. I'm glad it's over. Some of it was funny, some was painful, and it wasn't easy. I'm glad it's out. I put so much into what I do. I wanted the book to be real. I wanted it to be filled with a lot of things people didn't know about. It's hard to put down once you start reading it."
Ford left the music scene in 1994 to raise a family and live on an island. Ford talked about her coming back to the music scene.
"It was a shock because I didn't know I was missed so much. T…

An Interview with Phil Collen of Def Leppard and Delta Deep

Def Leppard was the premier hair band of the 80's and MTV aired their videos almost hourly. After almost 30 years of performing with the band, guitarist Phil Collen has assembled a side band of deep rooted southern blues enthusiasts.
Delta Deep is far removed from the glam drenched arena rock that def leppard honed to perfection. This is a return to the southern delta sound of blues purists. Collen squeezed a lot of emotion and love of the genre into this disc. Collen explained how it all started.
"My wife's Godmother has one of those voices. Like Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner. We would just sit around the house singing and playing and it developed from that. As soon as we got together it just clicked. We just wanted to create this sound."
Collen explained how Delta Deep compares to Def leppard.
Def leppard is structured. It is such a huge production.But the show is amazing. I love that. I wouldn't change it at all.With delta deep we can improvise. It's so polar…

A conversation With Charlie Calv from Radio Exile

A conversation With Charlie Calv from Radio Exile

Radio Exile is a powerhouse melodic rock band with pure, honest, straight ahead conviction and
soul. Their debut cd, Simply entitled ,Radio Exile, is a master class in concentrated riffs,
harmonious vocals and hard rocking tempos. This is one of those unexpected hit albums that
you can never stop playing. Every song is a gem of genuine classic songwriting.
 When asked if they recording together as a group or file shared like so many of their peers,
keyboardist, Charlie Calv explained.

" We wanted to get guys from different backgrounds and generations and throw them in a
room together and see what happens. The intent from the beginning was to make a record the
old fashioned way. We rehearse together and we go into the studio together. Not too many
records are done like this these days.
Calv noted further how involved the band is during the video production especially for the first

" The director was fantastic.…

The Great Kat Interview!!!!!!!!!!!

THE GREAT KAT INTERVIEW FOR CRY OF THE WOLF METAL BLOG She is A sonic, sorceress of the shred guitar. A universally acclaimed leader in over the top superior guitar genius. SHe is loud, she is proud, she is ...THE GREAT KAT!!!!!
Hail to the Great Kat. These are a few questions for the Cry Of The Wolf Metal blog 1. Tell us about the upcoming DVD and what else is new in your world Answer: Bryan – You are CORRECT:  HAIL to THE GREAT KAT!!!!!!! The Great Kat is the ONLY GUITAR/VIOLIN DOUBLE SHREDDER since NICCOLO PAGANINI, taking NOTE-FOR-NOTE AUTHENTIC CLASSICAL ORCHESTRAL complicated music scores from Wagner, Beethoven, Bach, Rossini, Liszt, Paganini, Vivaldi and MORE and RESURRECTING these GENIUSES by combining it with SHRED GUITAR, VIOLINS, METAL BAND AND ORCHESTRA, PLUS VIOLENT IMAGERY and BRUTAL INSANITY!!! Quick Background on Katherine Thomas/The Great Kat: Katherine Thomas was born listening to Ludwig van Beethoven and is an award-winning Juilliard graduate Violin Virtuoso, performing so…

Enemy Designed Interview

Direct from Halifax, Nova Scotia comes the premier death metal power act, ENEMY DESIGNED. Their energy is unstoppable. Their devotion to their music is strong, proud, and loud. This band is on the fast track and they took some time to answer some questions.

1.Who came up with the name?

Matt did. It's from a lyric in a Fear Factory song.

2.Who writes most of the music and/or lyrics? Matt starts by coming up with riffs, to which the bass and drums are added during jams. Mel writes all lyrics.

3.How is the metal scene in Halifax? It's a good scene with many great bands. Great group of fans too - they come out to shows often and support the local bands.

4.Any thoughts of playing in the states? Or overseas? We would LOVE to, it's just talking to the right people and making the right connections to have it happen - that's the difficult part. Someday!

5.Melanie as lead vocalist, who are your main influences? and the bands? My main vocal inspirations are Randy Blythe, Johan Hegg …

C.J.Snare vocalist for Rubicon Cross/Firehouse

C.J.Snare vocalist for Rubicon Cross/Firehouse

I had the chance to speak with C.J. Snare vocalist of Firehouse. He has a side project called Rubicon Cross along with guitarist Chris Green(Furyon). Taking a heavier more modern approach to the songs in this project, I chatted with C.J. about the project, Firehouse, and a life on and off the road.

Tell me how this project came together?

   I met Chris when we were doing shows together and we became fast friends. we became really important players in each others lives. Brothers from a different mother you know. We were best men at each others weddings. His son is my godson so we just became family. When he finally moved to the states we put this together. It had to be written. We have a really good creative chemistry. These are songs that people should hear. True and raw emotions.

What are the touring plans?

   Anyone who reads this should know that Firehouse is still alive and well. It is not meant to conflict with that band. Rubicon Cross …

Michael Sweet- I'm Not Your Suicide

Michael Sweet - I’m Not Your Suicide

Big3 Records

  Wow. The production and guitar tones on this album are some of the best I have heard. Full on in your face metal on some songs, rock and roll juggernauts on others. The ballads are simply angelic perfection. Such a great collection, of strong songs. And with special guest musician powerhouses like, Tony Harnell, Chris Jericho, Doug Aldritch, Elektra Mustaine, and others, this album plows through the speakers like a freight chain of melodic monster hits.

“This Time” and “The Cause” are incredible pieces of music. The vocals are truly inspired.

“Taking On The world Tonight” is by far my personal favorite. Just a juggernaut of intensity. The production is so strong on this track. Tony Harnell adds a tremendous element to the structure.

“I’m Not Your Suicide” hits you hard. the message, always a strong component of Michael’s music, really comes into play with this song. Very emotional, and freshly modern sounding. He captures the spark of th…