Michael Sweet- I'm Not Your Suicide

Michael Sweet - I’m Not Your Suicide

Big3 Records

  Wow. The production and guitar tones on this album are some of the best I have heard. Full on in your face metal on some songs, rock and roll juggernauts on others. The ballads are simply angelic perfection. Such a great collection, of strong songs. And with special guest musician powerhouses like, Tony Harnell, Chris Jericho, Doug Aldritch, Elektra Mustaine, and others, this album plows through the speakers like a freight chain of melodic monster hits.

“This Time” and “The Cause” are incredible pieces of music. The vocals are truly inspired.

“Taking On The world Tonight” is by far my personal favorite. Just a juggernaut of intensity. The production is so strong on this track. Tony Harnell adds a tremendous element to the structure.

“I’m Not Your Suicide” hits you hard. the message, always a strong component of Michael’s music, really comes into play with this song. Very emotional, and freshly modern sounding. He captures the spark of the old 80’s rock vibe and delivers a modern rock anthem. Perfect.

“How To Live”, The songwriting on this track is intense and truly emotional. Ballads have become clich├ęd over the years on rock albums. but Michael delivers a powerhouse of a tune. You feel every note. This one adds a new dimension to an already hit [acked album.

“Unsuspecting” is a classic metal rocker that features some of the best guitar playing I have heard in a while. Fantastic vocals coupled with some serious guitar antics. This song has some incredibly high vocals from Michael sweet. Very intense. Reminds me, of the early Saxon, Def Leppard sound. Better production than those bands here but the idea is the same. One of the best tracks. Guitar solo is insane.

“Heart Of Gold” is performed twice on the album, once with Michael alone and once with Elektra Mustaine sharing vocal duties. Breathes new life, into the Neil Young classic. Strong. Helping to cross, that rock/country line. Guitar tone on the track is very well done. What is he using?

This album is top ten this year so far. It is a strong faithful rock and metal epic creation. Fans of stryper and modern day rock will find common ground on this album. Play it loud. Michael Sweet has outdone himself on this disc.

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