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100 WATT VIPERS HOLY WATER This band is a duo, formed in 2013 and has unleashed a string of self produced recordings on the world. Their latest release, HOLY WATER, is the perfect crossroads of hard rock blues and southern whiskey soaked blues. Shades of Skynyrd, AC/DC, and Ted Nugent abound on every song. This pure American blues rock.Check out "Aces High", "You Aint Gonna Take Me Down", and the title track, " Holy Water". Any fan of heavy guitar driven music should check this band out. 8/10 Wolf Howls Cry Of The Wolf Magazine

Cry Of the Wolf Magazine Interview With ONE IN THE CHAMBER

Toronto's ONE IN THE CHAMBER is a perfect composition of rock swagger and full on hard rock groove. These guys know when to pull the trigger and when to walk away. Their sound is their own and they are taking no prisoners. "I've Got Bills To Pay" is an incredible searing salute to the future of modern rock and roll. Check this band out. This band gets 9/10 wolf Howls ONE IN THE CHAMBER   1. Take us through your mindset when composing your songs. Does everyone contribute? Gerrod: All four of us are songwriters and contribute to everything we do. Normally it starts with one of us bringing in an idea, a riff or something, and then it evolves in the practice room. We’ll jam on it until it becomes something that we never thought it would after the initial idea. Christian: We all come from different musical backgrounds, so we sometimes clash in our songwriting, but in the end, I think that’s what makes our songs sound unique. 2. Being compared t

3 Points Of Madness Interview

3 Points Of Madness Interview   One of the best up and coming metal bands to come out of Rhode Island in a long time. These guys are a force to be reckoned with. They have a sound that is uniquely their own and they are a killer band live. One of the few local metal acts that still hold true to the flag of heavy metal.  Looking forward to great things from this band.Check out the band when they open for "Fatal Portrait(king diamond tribute) this Friday 12/21/18@ the bar in New Bedford Ma. First and fore most who came up with the name:   Ron: That would be our singer George. How would you describe your music?   Ron:  Our music is a mix of classic Metal from the 80’s such as Iron Maiden & early Metallica combined with some progressive rock such as Rush, Tool & Dream Theater all fused with some modern flare forming an original sound that is truly our own. Take us through the writing process. Does everyone contribute?   Ron: Ideas eit

Interview with CAMU

Cry of the Wolf Magazine interview With CAMU  Official Press Release: Nothing great ever comes easy & the most rewarding way is usually the hard way, which is the essence of “The One You Leave Behind”. Four years ago when my son was 8 months old, my wife & I mustered up the balls to leave everyone & everything we knew behind and move 7000 miles away to start a new chapter in our life. The task was so momentous that I had to cruise through it at times. What I left behind was the person I had always been, everyone I knew, and who everyone knew me as. Everything I experienced in the last few years, becoming a dad twice over, starting a business & relocating again has been new and foreign to me but in the end I came out the ringer a much better & more fulfilled person. Iv’e always gone with the flow in life, never could have imagined it would take me from Helsinki to Hawaii. “The One You Leave Behind” has been a very difficult yet rewa

Interview with Nicklas Jansson guitarist for the swedish blues band STEW

 Not too often you hear a band's first song and say these guys are the next big thing. The guitar playing is incredible. The band is tight and the music is good and loud. Check them out!! 1. Who came up with the name? Nicklas Jansson: Think it was me haha, I love to boil up a good Stew on a Friday evening. 2. The guitar tone is amazing. What are you using? NJ: Thanks a bunch! I play a Fender Strat from 1992 into a Peavey Delta blues amp 1x15” speaker and a Fender 4x12” speaker. Just use two pedals a CryBaby Wah and Fulltone Octafuzz. 3.Sweden is not readily known for producing blues artists. How does the scene there treat you? NJ: We believe that we got a lot more attention from other countries than Sweden so far. We haven’t played a lot here yet but the overall feedback is good! 4. Plans for touring? NJ: Not at this moment but of course that would be awesome! Definitely in the near future. 5. Do you view social media as a positive or negative