Interview with Nicklas Jansson guitarist for the swedish blues band STEW

 Not too often you hear a band's first song and say these guys are the next big thing. The guitar playing is incredible. The band is tight and the music is good and loud. Check them out!!

1. Who came up with the name?
Nicklas Jansson: Think it was me haha, I love to boil up a good Stew on a Friday evening.

2. The guitar tone is amazing. What are you using?
NJ: Thanks a bunch! I play a Fender Strat from 1992 into a Peavey Delta blues amp 1x15” speaker and a Fender 4x12” speaker. Just use two pedals a CryBaby Wah and Fulltone Octafuzz.
3.Sweden is not readily known for producing blues artists. How does the scene there treat you? NJ: We believe that we got a lot more attention from other countries than Sweden so far. We haven’t played a lot here yet but the overall feedback is good!
4. Plans for touring?
NJ: Not at this moment but of course that would be awesome! Definitely in the near future.

5. Do you view social media as a positive or negative force on modern music?
NJ: It’s positive I think, you can reach out to so much more people.

6. One artist you would love to tour with? NJ: Rival Sons for sure! That band is so good.. remember the first time I heard ’Pressure and Time’ it blew me off my chair.

7. Influences?
NJ: So many but a few are, Deep Purple, Grand Funk Railroad, Rory Gallagher, Hendrix, Free, Parish Hall, Point Blank, Aretha Franklin, Cream haha and so on. We drew all our influences from the late 60’s and 70’s era.

8. Something in your music collection that fans might not expect.
NJ: Don’t know about that but maybe this new artist called Mitch Rivers from the Netherlands! He is awesome, check him out!

9. Anything you would like to say to your fans?
In February 2019 we’ll hit the studio to record our debut album and in mid January we’ll release a live video plus more big stuff that I can’t tell you about at this moment.. stay tuned and follow us on our social medias for updates! Thanks!
10. Our favorite here is “Dig For Gold” . Do you find yourself leaning towards one song more than another?
NJ: Oh thanks, nice to hear! For me personally I like ’Might Be Keeping you’ we wrote that song in a couple of hours, Markus came up with the main riff and like we always do we started jamming and in like two hours it was finished.

Thanks for reaching out to us! My name is Nicklas Jansson and play Guitar in Stew.
 This band gets 10/10 Wolf Howls
Cry Of the Wolf Magazine

Line up:
Markus ├ůsland - Bass/Vocals
Nicklas Jansson - Guitar
Nicklas Dahlgren - Drums



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