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HYDROGYN Redemption HighVolMusic

HYDROGYN Redemption HighVolMusic 10 March 2017 In 2004 West Virginia guitarists  Jeff Westlake  and  Jeff Boggs  had a vision. They set out to create music that defied convention – power metal that appealed to a broad audience. Combining cutting edge riffs, intelligent lyrics


STRIKEFORCE ELEGANT STEEL HIGHVOLMUSIC        What we have in a band like STRIKEFORCE is a perfect storm of killer songs and sing along chorus. This is a great hard rocking party album. Songs like " All about the Money ", and " Let Me Rock U " are straight up no bullshit anthem rockers. This is pure rock and roll. I have not seen them live but I'm picturing all Marshalls and Gibsons for these boys. Amps cranked to 11 and cold beer flowing freely.   The album really picks up with " Falling Down " a nice little "Dr. Feelgood" style metal type number. Killer guitar solos abound throughout this album. " Live Action " and " Doomsday " only add more fuel to this hard rocking fire. Great album, Great band, great album cover. 7/10 Wolf Howls   ‎@HIGHVOLMUSIC   HIGHVOLMUSIC @HIGHVOLMUSIC Followers, we're giving YOU a FR

Stephen Pearcy's Smash album review

STEPHEN PEARCY Smash - Frontiers Music s.r.l. Release: 27 January 2017 Previous 1/1 Next Opening track is a killer intro and very atmospheric. reminding the listener at once of zeppelin meets ratt. very catchy melody. The zeppelin comparison continues with " Shut Down Baby". Total zeppelin custard pie feel. Very tastefully done riff. Lollipop is pure rock and roll fun. Tongue in cheek sexually charged rocker. Other stand out tracks include : Rain, Want too much", and "I can't take it" "Summers End" again revisits that classic zeppelin sound ala "Kashmir". It's a great song to close out the album and actually segues nicely back to song number one for a second,third and so on listen 8/10 wolf howls Best known as the original vocalist and founding member of the platinum rock band RATT, Stephen Pearcy has been working hard to complete his highly anticipated fourth solo album, while at the same time keeping bu

Metallica's Hardwired Album Review

As a young proto-metalhead living in the hard streets of Riverside, Rhode Island we would all gather at whoever had the latest vinyl release and rock out for hours. Discussing techniques, listening to lyrics, guitar solos. The best albums offered up energy at its purest form. It transmitted from the vinyl grooves right into our little teenage brains. You could literally feel what the band or artist was trying to convey. Metallica's latest release, Hardwired to self destruct offers up a modern day version of that same energy and spirit from days gone by. It is a powerful statement from a band that many had written off. One song...Now were all dead...that is the only song you need to listen to. But there are many, many more. This is grade a material from a group of artists who managed to capture their energy and channel it through this disc. This is real, this is power, this is the definition of  a classic metal album.  Another great sign of a good, solid album is that you can l

Rachel Bolan Of Skid Row

Rachel Bolan Of Skid Row A previous interview I did with Mr. Bolan Prior to the release of United World Rebellion   United World Rebellion Chapter 1 The idea to release 3 albums over the course of months is new. Each album gets to have its own turn in the creative spotlight. United World Rebellion Chapter 1 is a power house of a hard rock album. This picks up the sound from the "Slave To The Grind" era of the band. They   have   never sounded more focused and intense especially, on songs like "KIngs Of Demolition", "Stitches", and "This is Killing Me." New music will continue to flow from the hard rock machine that is skid Row. These guys have been rocking stages around the world for decades and their perseverance and dedication to themselves, the music, and the fans comes through in every aspect.   And this much is certain, the first release is full of hard hitting, rocking tunes that deliver.   I talked with bassist, Rachel Bolan