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CRYSTAL VIPER delivers a powerhouse of classic metal with modern production on "AT THE EDGE OF TIME". This is clearly a band that retains total control over its metal destiny. Delivering such a strong musical package complete with sing along chorus and killer guitar riffs. When the band slows down to ballad form, the true vocal strength of Marta Gabriel shines through with passionate ferocity. Check out "Tell Me Why", and "At The Edge Of Time". CRYSTAL VIPER has created one of the best albums I have heard so far this year. Sonic perfection.

10/10 Wolf Howls Cry of the Wolf Magazine

Cry of the wolf magazine interview with LIZZY BORDEN

Cry of the wolf magazine interview with LIZZY BORDEN

In the world of heavy metal and especially 80's based American metal the band LIZZY BORDEN always strikes a special chord with fans. Consistent in the change from album to album yet retaining the classic Borden sound is an art form unto itself. The new album MY MIDNIGHT THINGS out June 11th on metal blade is a tour de force of modern hard rock meets classic American heavy metal. The theme centers on love but each song delivers that traditional Borden kick in the throat. Truly an artist that never fails to deliver, LIZZY BORDEN took the time out of tour prep to talk with us about the new album and an ever evolving music industry.

Do you ever get tired of promoting with the media? No. It's part of the gig.
The new album is just a completely solid album. Why the long wait? Thanks so much. I've been getting such a great response for the last three weeks. Never had a response so positive like this for any of my records. I just did…

Hammerfall/Flotsam and Jetsam concert review, Worcester Palladium 5/25/2018

The Palladium in Worcester Mass is a great venue to see a show, especially a metal show. Tow acts: Hammerfall and Flotsam and Jetsam, one stage, Hundreds of metal hungry fans old and young alike. First band to take the stage was the sonically brutal, bare knuckles, Heavy metal icons, Flotsam and Jetsam. They tore apart the stage with sheer precision like a highly sharpened sword. This is true American metal, fast and furious. Hearkening back to their earlier speed metal and thrash roots, Flotsam delivered a soul searing set of old hits and new surprises.

     We pushed our way as close to the stage as we could get, the excitement building. The stage goes black and this venue explodes in power metal ferocity. Hammerfall appears out of the darkness, like the viking Gods of old, tearing and slashing across the stage. They came here to raise the hammer of metal high above the sky and they did. Racing into such classics as "Hector's Hymn", "Renegade", and "…


80's rockers ENUFF Z NUFF and BULLET BOYS brought their brand of hard rocking hair metal to the vault @ the greasy Luck Pub in New Bedford, Mass. Saturday night.  Tearing through a raucous rock and roll set of new and old songs, ENUFF Z NUFF was clearly a band that loves what they do. They tore the stage apart in unbridled rock and roll ecstasy and included the hits, "Fly High Michelle", and "New Thing" back to back. 

Performing in a reformatted bank  (Thus, the name of the club), leads to some serious acoustical challenges. The sound quality for ENUFF Z NUFF was spot on. In simplest terms, and despite being an almost nostalgic era act, ENUZZ Z NUFF displayed an incredibly diverse range of musicianship. This is how rock and roll was made, raw and exciting. They deliver.

Next up was BULLET BOYS, an 80's hard rock powerhouse that delivered a slew of hits, like "Smooth Up InYa", and "For the Love Of Money" While the trappings of MTV f…

ODEUM DEUS 2 song review


Kobra And The Lotus Concert Review/Club Alchemy, Providence Rhode Island

 It has certainly been awhile since I attended a hometown concert. But when I heard that the mighty Kobra And The Lotus was coming to a local venue I had to be there. The club is called ALCHEMY, located where another club called Jerkys used to be. Jerkys was a pickup bar that was as diverse in  attendees as you can imagine. Below Jerkys was a club called Hell, where on Sundays you could watch people being whipped on a spinning wheel....but I digress.
     Club ALCHEMY has created a  cool, vintage, rock club atmosphere. Very clean and dark. Pool table..classic video games. The layout reminded me of the old LIVING ROOM,( another Providence landmark club from a by gone era.) I grabbed a drink and watched the other bands in anticipation of finally seeing KATL live. 

 First band to take the stage was GRANNY 4 BARREL. Yes the lead singer has a granny persona complete with giant sewing needles in the white hair, and a rocking chair onstage. The band features an electric violinist who tore in…


SENSE OF FEAR is a classic heavy metal band that defines the meaning of the term "Heavy Metal". The album, "AS THE AGES PASSING BY", represents a text book delivery of perfect Molten Metal!. This is the way bands should sound. Raw, loud, un relentless and primed to take over the world.  Hailing from Greece, SOF do have an early heavy metal influence. Bands like, ICED EARTH, METAL CHURCH, and early MEGADETH come to mind as this album just tears into you. Heavy metal galloping at full speed like a runaway freight train. This is best played loud as hell.
     Check out "Slaughter Of Innocence", "Angel Of Steel", and the incredible guitar theatrics of "Black Hole". All in all this is one hell of a good record, chock full of every possible heavy metal standard you can raise your fist to. Enjoy this album. This band is poised to become unstoppable.

9/10 Wolf Howls
Cry Of The Wolf Magazine