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Book Review of Michael Sweet's autobiography

Honestly My Life And Stryper revealed Michael Sweet With Dave Rose and Doug Van Pelt Big3 Records       You get a strong sense that Michael Sweets new book is written from the heart. His relationship with God, family, and Stryper are revealed in surprisingly honest and candid ways. Michael has ADHD, suffered serious financial problems, and has seen the popularity of the once arena selling Stryper wane. But through it all he has found a renewed faith in God, even after his late wife’s passing. It is a life that you thought you knew. From the glossy highly produced albums to the incredible stage and arena performances, you would have thought that Stryper was on top of the world. They were. Then they were not.      Michael reveals his life in the band and his family in stunning and spectacular detail.   No stone, however painful, is left unturned. He is a professional through and through. His music is a reflection of the man who values faith and lov

Interview With Accuser

          Interview with Accuser   Accuser celebrated their 25th anniversary in 2013 by starting work on a new album and inviting guitarist Dennis Rybakowski to join their ranks; however, the reinvigorated group took their time to craft their 11th full-length. Slowly but steadily, that new effort, The Forlorn Divide , took shape once again at Gernhart Studio, featuring the band’s trademark blend of powerful thrash metal, virtuoso guitar-work, intricate drum patterns – and of course, gripping, harsh vocals, highlighting the dark recesses of human psyche that are described in the lyrics. After 30 years in the scene, the members of Accuser have perfected their signature style with The Forlorn Divide – a veteran lesson in thrash from Siegen’s stalwarts! The Forlorn Divide track-listing: 1. Predawn 2. Lust For Vengeance 3. Unreal Perception 4. Arbitrary Law 5. Impending Doom 6. Tribulation 7. Perish By Oblivion 8. Fifth Column 9. Sulfur Rain 10. Flow Of Dy