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Interview With Marita!

Cry Of The Wolf Metal Blog Interview section Recently I had the opportunity to ask a few questions with Marita. Her passion and love of heavy metal blazes through in both her appearance and her killer 80's style metal music.           1. You're very active on Instagram and You tube, etc. How has this media outlet helped you as far as reaching new audiences? It has hepled me a lot. I've already sold many albums, and I couldn't be more happy about the great suppoert I've gotten from fellow metalheads and 80s lovers. 2. We are living in an age of many female fronted metal bands. How do you feel about this? And do you see yourself as a role model? I think it's great that women step up to the mic and takes the lead as the front-woman of a metal band. Female metalheads are sexy and the world needs more of us ;) I hope that some fellow rock and metal chicks see me as a role model. I just want to show them that they must not hold ba