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Interview with The Harp Twins

The Harp Twins  know how to rock! They have played for heads of state and celebrities around the country. But they are true music fans as well as fans of metal! They   perform a variety of Television theme songs as well as covers by such notable classic metal acts like, Iron Maiden, Ozzy, And even AC/DC. Not only does their music sound amazing but their videos are equally fantastic, visual representations, of their passion. 1. Your cover of Iron Maiden's "Fear Of The Dark" is excellent. It is what led me to discover your music. Are there any plans to do more Maiden songs? Thanks so much! “Fear of the Dark” is our favorite Maiden song and we had a ton of fun covering it! We also recently posted a video for our arrangement of “Dance of Death” – which was our most elaborate music video to date! We have gotten a lot of requests to cover more Iron Maiden, so you can definitely expect more in the future. We have yet another Maiden s