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Judas Priestess Interview

Judas Priestess welcomed me with open arms into their backstage lounge between sets at the vault In New Bedford, Mass. It was a home state show for their Drummer and the band was full of energy. I found these Heavy metal fanatics to be true fans of   Judas Priest's music and understood what it means to the heavy metal world. Front woman, Militia proved she was truly down to earth, friendly, yet passionate about her role, and the bands role in offering a tribute to the original Metal Gods. How long has this band been together?  We emerged in 2009. 9 years. never imagined people would care this long. If no one was coming then we would hang it up but people keep coming. Would you ever tour overseas? We have done Canada we would like to get overseas. Every time they talk the green it gets taken off the table. It's not cheap plus Judas priest keeps going over there  to play a lot of biker rallies in the south. I feel like there's an audience over there just waiti