Judas Priestess Interview

Judas Priestess welcomed me with open arms into their backstage lounge between sets at the vault In New Bedford, Mass. It was a home state show for their Drummer and the band was full of energy. I found these Heavy metal fanatics to be true fans of   Judas Priest's music and understood what it means to the heavy metal world. Front woman, Militia proved she was truly down to earth, friendly, yet passionate about her role, and the bands role in offering a tribute to the original Metal Gods.

How long has this band been together?

 We emerged in 2009. 9 years. never imagined people would care this long. If no one was coming then we would hang it up but people keep coming.

Would you ever tour overseas?

We have done Canada we would like to get overseas. Every time they talk the green it gets taken off the table. It's not cheap plus Judas priest keeps going over there  to play a lot of biker rallies in the south. I feel like there's an audience over there just waiting

Have you ever met Judas Priest?

yes we have met them.
 We were on that metal show and the casting company said we have a surprise for you Mr. halford, because there has never been an all female tribute to Judas priest.And he was like oh of course it's you. I, (Militia,vocals) had met him many times. I'm kind of hard not to remember.

Is There pressure knowing that they know who you are and even follow your videos on you tube?
    No we love it. No fear. We just want to make it awesome. We do the best we can.
we take it seriously. we don't do joke shit. very clear that we are not pretending to be them. We take the songs and digest them in a female powerful kind of way.

Is it hard to choose which songs your doing?
its all about the feeling. there are some must plays. we did the old stuff for a long time.we played songs that they had never played live. Until this tour and then they are playing saints in hell and we did this for years.

Strangest thing that ever happened to you onstage?
someone proposed on stage to his wife. We had no idea. He did it on stage and she said yes. Another time I had my cat suit on backwards and I didn't have time to change it before we started. I've thrown up on stage during a show. we were doing metal gods and I had just had tomato soup and it just flew out while I was singing.

Do you all get along?
we get along great. like a bunch of dis functional sisters.

What was the hardest part of doing this?
The hottest?
No the hardest.
Oh. (Laughing all around)
when we first started out we had some bad attitudes. People said girls cant play priest. They thought we were a joke. we had some hate mail. If we got hung up on negativity we would never have left the house. It's not about us. If you love priest then you will love us. But if you don't then whatever. Love it or hate it but at least its a feeling. we convert people.
connect with us at judaspriestess.com
Your the reason we do this.


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