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NORDIC UNION Nordic Union Frontiers Music srl Release: 29 January 2016 NORDIC UNION Ronnie Atkins: Lead & Background Vocals Erik Martensson: Lead Guitar, Bass, Keyboards and Background Vocals Magnus Ulfstedt: Drums Guest Guitar Solos: Thomas Larsson, guitar solo on "Every Heartbest" & "Wide Awake" Fredrik Folkare, guitar solo on "Point Of No Return" & "Hypocrisy" Magnus Henriksson, guitar solo on "The War Has Begun" Produced by Erik Martensson   Frontiers Records has certainly solidified itself as the label for power metal and hard rock power bands. Nordic Union features the incredible powerhouse vocals of Ronnie Atkins (PRETTY MAIDS,AVANTASIA), and the searing, sonically perfect guitar and songwriting of Erik Martensson(ECLIPSE, W.E.T)   This project is one of the best albums of 2016. Hands down in the top ten already and the year is barely a month old. From the Haunting intro to "The