Frontiers Music srlRelease: 29 January 2016

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Ronnie Atkins: Lead & Background Vocals
Erik Martensson: Lead Guitar, Bass, Keyboards and Background Vocals
Magnus Ulfstedt: Drums

Guest Guitar Solos:
Thomas Larsson, guitar solo on "Every Heartbest" & "Wide Awake"
Fredrik Folkare, guitar solo on "Point Of No Return" & "Hypocrisy"
Magnus Henriksson, guitar solo on "The War Has Begun"
Produced by Erik Martensson


Frontiers Records has certainly solidified itself as the label for power metal and hard rock power bands. Nordic Union features the incredible powerhouse vocals of Ronnie Atkins (PRETTY MAIDS,AVANTASIA), and the searing, sonically perfect guitar and songwriting of Erik Martensson(ECLIPSE, W.E.T)  This project is one of the best albums of 2016. Hands down in the top ten already and the year is barely a month old.

From the Haunting intro to "The War Has Begun" followed by its machine gun riffing, to the undeniable hit "When Death Is calling", this album is full of hard rock gems. Simply nothing more than a genius musical collaboration spear headed by one of the worlds best hope for metal: Frontiers Records. Nordic Union is the album that you need to place high atop your collection. Don't wait for spring to blast songs like "Hypocrisy", and "Point Of No Return", loudly from you car stereo. This is the future of metal and hard rock.


 I had a chance to speak with singer, RONNIE ATKINS.

Are you happy with this album.

Very happy. It was a request from Frontiers President Serafino Perugino who I met at a frontiers festival. I didn't really have any plans on doing anything outside of PRETTY MAIDS And If I did it would have to be good. After hearing the songs I was in. It is a matter of quality with me. You shouldn't just do something just to do it. It should be something you believe in.

Touring plans for Nordic Union?

Well I am very busy with PRETTY MAIDS, with an album and a tour. It comes down to timing and financials. There are no plans as of yet. With PRETTY MAIDS we will be doing the Monsters Of Rock cruise. We did the 70,000 tons of metal cruise and it was just great.  For most of 2016 we have a fall tour, european festivals coming up.

Video plans for Nordic Union

Yes. We just spent two days in Stockholm filming. I finally got to meet the rest of the guys. That should be released soon.


Do you find social media useful for older bands or is it not something you concern yourself with?

I think it is great. It brings bands and fans closer. On the other hand there are less surprises. You can find out the set list on your phone in the audience. I think that takes away from the excitement a little. The whole idea of social media and downloading it is really the future. You have to accept what you can't change. Would I like everyone to buy an album, yes. But the technology is there and we can't really stop it.

Finally, do you ever get tired of performing catalog songs like, Future World?

I never get tired of that song or any of them.  That song in particular really got us here and it just has all the elements of a good metal song. I guess excitement varies depending on the crowd but I have never not played that song for the last 35 years. It's not fair for someone to buy a ticket and not hear the song they wanted to hear.

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