Swords Of Steel Volume 2

Swords of Steel Volume 2

     As many times as people say they love heavy metal, more often than not you will hear people put it down. That this music is nothing more than noise performed and recorded by a bunch of mindless degenerates.  But as fans and true metal heads know, heavy metal is an extremely complex and noteworthy art form. The views and usage of musical elements combined with the incredible lyricism of the artists is undeniable. Here in Swords of Steel volume 2 you will read tales by some of those artists. Thought provoking and creative narratives of literary gems the world should read.

With an introduction by David DeFeis of the band VIRGIN STEELE, this amazing tome of regal and searing tales of swords, wizards and sorcery begins. Build your fires, gather your steel, notch your bows, this is epic story writing on a Tolkien scale. Penned by some of the best underground metal bands of the age. Bands like, MANILLA ROAD, CAULDRON bORN, SOLSTICE, GATEKEEPER,BLACKSWORD,ARCHSPIRE, and many more. If you ever wanted to dive deeper into the minds of your favorite musicians beyond the short and sweet lyrics then here is your chance. Here is your ticket to an epic event of heavy metal literature.

And all this for only $10.00

Introduction: Where the Lifestream Touches Eternity by David DeFeis (VIRGIN STEELE)
"The Forgotten City of Tehm" by E.C. Hellwell (MANILLA ROAD, HELLWELL)
"A Voyage on Benighted Seas" by Byron A. Roberts (BAL-SAGOTH)
"That Than Which There Can Be No More Terrible" by Michael Scalzi (SLOUGH FEG)
"The Sword of Shaitan", poetry by Howie K. Bentley (CAULDRON BORN, BRITON RITES)
"Mystery Believer" by Scott Waldrop (WALPYRGUS, TWISTED TOWER DIRE)
"At the Crossroads: Swords, Sorcery and Heavy Metal", an essay by David C. Smith
"Beneath Dead Lake" by Jeffrey Black (GATEKEEPER)
"Red Ochre" by James Ashbey (SOLSTICE)
"Vitiated Life", poetry by Alex A. Avdeev (BLACKSWORD)
"Darke Manor" by Jaron Evil (ALMURIC, ARCHSPIRE)
"The Heart of the Betrayer" by Howie K. Bentley


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