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Dirty Rocker Boys, Bobbie Brown

  Bobbie Brown Dirty Rocker Boys Simon and Schuster              Bobbie Brown has written a tell all auto biography and it is a damn good read. Sure, it is filled with sex and drugs and rock and roll decadence but beneath the grime and the smeared mascara is a woman who has seen it all and lived to tell about it. Ultimately the book reveals the story of a small town girl lost in the make believe world of LA. But to her credit Bobbie Brown emerges from the wreckage of her life, a mom, a friend, a good natured person who despite numerous setbacks and self immolation, has risen above the dirty streets to shine.      Dirty Rocker boys is a classic tale of what not to do and a roadmap of who's who in rock and roll to date and stay away from. From Tommy Lee to Leonardo Decaprio and Kevin Costner to Jani Lane, Bobbie has been there and done that. After this was the height of the decadent 80's. The drugs, the meth, the addiction, the abusive lifestyle, it'