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Judas Priest Defenders Of The Faith Re-Mastered

Judas Priest      Defenders Of The Faith     Re-Mastered      My Teen age days were spent cranking metal on my record player. Yes. Record player. My room was covered in heavy metal posters. I can remember buying the new Defenders of the Faith album and just playing it over and over. The twin lead attack of k.k and Glenn burning into my air guitar playing mind.      30 years later the entire album has been re-mastered to perfection!      Judas Priest is one of the most iconic and widely recognized metal band in the world. Rob Halford's stellar vocal range is countered by his almost ethereal ability to lower his range and hit you right in your soul. Priest never disappoints. And this album, now re-mastered and including some amazing live tracks, is no exception. "Turbo Lover", "Freewheel burning" are rock solid flag bearers of 80's metal. This is Priest unrivalled and unleashed.   Burning slabs of molten metal tracks like, "Heavy Dut