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Interview With Gabriele From Tragedian

          A Conversation With Tragedian's Gabriele Palermo   During the collapse of The American metal scene in the early 90's, many musicians either quit or went underground. Gabriele J. Palermo, first went to L.A. with a guitar on his back, and a vision of how metal should be. From that wasteland of excess he arrived a few years later in the center of the European Power Metal scene, Germany. He followed his dream and the metal, straight to the heart of it all. On the eve of a fall tour of Europe, (including opening slot on the Alex Masi tour), Gabriel from the power metal band, Tragedian, is contemplating the state of metal and life as a touring musician. I fired up the Skype machine and dialed in this German based power metal virtuoso. How is it going? Going good here. Getting ready for the tour . How often do you guys jam together? We actually rehearse about one full day before we leave and then that is it. Because everyone else does all

Interview With Angelica Rylin

THE MURDER OF MY SWEET Beth Out of Hell Frontiers Music srl 21 August 2015 The Murder of My Sweet is a Swedish cinematic metal band founded in 2007 by drummer and producer Daniel Flores . “Beth Out of Hell” will be released worldwide on August 21 2015. THE MURDER OF MY SWEET Angelica Rylin : lead and background vocals Daniel Flores : drums, keyboards Christopher Vetter : guitars Patrik Janson : bass guitar       An Interview with vocalist Angelica Rylin I had the great pleasure of talking to Angelica Rylin of the band, "The Murder Of My Sweet" on the eve of their good vs. evil inspired concept album, "Beth Out Of Hell". The album is a soaring, triumph of soaring angelic vocals and heavy symphonic metal riffs. All wrapped around an epic tale of love and evil, let loose upon the world. Congratulations on an awesome album Thank You. What is the mindset when you put the album t