Interview With Angelica Rylin

Beth Out of Hell
Frontiers Music srl
21 August 2015
The Murder of My Sweet is a Swedish cinematic metal band founded in 2007 by drummer and producer Daniel Flores.

“Beth Out of Hell” will be released worldwide on August 21 2015.

Angelica Rylin: lead and background vocals
Daniel Flores: drums, keyboards
Christopher Vetter: guitars
Patrik Janson: bass guitar




An Interview with vocalist Angelica Rylin

I had the great pleasure of talking to Angelica Rylin of the band, "The Murder Of My Sweet" on the eve of their good vs. evil inspired concept album, "Beth Out Of Hell". The album is a soaring, triumph of soaring angelic vocals and heavy symphonic metal riffs. All wrapped around an epic tale of love and evil, let loose upon the world.

Congratulations on an awesome album

Thank You.

What is the mindset when you put the album together? Did you set out with the focus of creating a concept album or did it flow naturally?

The idea of Beth came to us we finished the last album, "Bye Bye Lullaby." It was an idea that stuck so we decided to do something with it. The last three songs of that album were sort of a prologue to this album. It was also a way for us to test the waters and to see if there was a potential to the story. We felt that it was and we had a clear goal of what we thought the album could become. A rock musical if you wish. We basically had a concept of heaven and hell and all the world disasters pinned on the character of "Beth" and her obsession over a man. This man it turns out is an archangel.

How long did it take to write the whole album?

It took some time because we wanted to do a lot of research. Probably a year working on that and the writing. The hardest part was to make it all come together. To make a story that makes sense to the listeners. And then even longer to create the music. We worked on parts parallel to each other. Daniel (drums) and I worked together and we found inspiration from each other. His playing a riff might trigger something in me and then I can come up with a chorus line or vice versa.

Any plans to tour the U.S.?

We haven't made any plans just yet. Well thoughts about going on tour, but to bring this album to life on stage would be quite the project. I know we would want to do it really big. Have a movie screen for visual parts of the story. We have great visions for it but you never know. We are around In Europe and Sweden of course. Never in Japan or the States but we have that on the bucket list.

There is a tremendous amount of emotion on the disc. It's not the same old symphonic metal formula. Is it hard to tap into those emotions?


I think for this album it was really a great opportunity for me to explore storytelling. It has always fascinated me. I had a lot of fun doing it. Putting myself into the character. Performing with my voice in a kind of actress way was a challenge but it was very rewarding. I had to be genuine. I had to go inside and just become Beth.

Any other career choices?

Of course it is hard to make money as an artist today. I am actually studying communications, and social media.

What is your favorite city?

One of the best opportunities as an artist is traveling but you rarely get to visit the actual cities. But one city we have been to a bunch of times is Paris. It is beautiful.

Any favorite female fronted rock singers?

We actually have a facebook community called eve's apple where we all communicate with a bunch of different singers in the genre. It is great, like a family. We all meet up if we are near each other. We Skype. I am so proud to be in the same business as them. The female scene has exploded in Europe over the last couple of years. It is great that all these strong women are doing rock and metal.

Have you ever been approached by a female fan who said you inspired them?

Yes actually. On social media and the stage. It is one of the most rewarding moments in your career when that happens. I am very proud to feel that people can reach out and tell you these things. The power of social media. The barriers are really no longer there anymore.

Any message for the fans?

Of course. Check out the last three songs on Bye Bye Lullaby if you want an intro to the new album. Check out the videos already uploaded on you tube. We tried to put a cinematic touch on these videos.
 Ok metal fans check out the upcoming release by The Murder of My Sweet. This album delivers on all fronts!

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