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Interview With Scott Ian Of Anthrax/ Book Review

Interview with Scott Ian Of Anthrax/I'm The Man book review I'm The Man   The Story Of That Guy from Anthrax   Scott   Ian of Anthrax was high on my list of people to one day interview. So when the opportunity came to review his new Book, "I'm The Man", I jumped at the bonus chance to interview the man himself. Truly responsible for being a forerunner in the American Thrash Metal Movement, Scott and Anthrax are in the Pantheon of metal icons. His music is inspirational for so many bands, his guitar sledgehammer sound is a like a juggernaut of pure molten metal. He is onstage a force to be reckoned with. But I found the book and the man himself to be sincere, down to Earth, and honest. The history of Anthrax is interwoven with tales of hard partying, and dreams when metal was still in its true infancy. This book presents the reader with a drone like view of the rough road to success. The book is one wild ride throughout his life and you feel drawn to th