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PSYCLE Interview Providence, Rhode Island Rock And Roll Band

PSYCLE Interview        Providence, Rhode Island based rock band, PSYCLE  is one of the areas best original groups. Their sound, a mixture of hard rock and country tinged rock is a breath of fresh local air. With two EPs under their belts, this seasoned band is ready to take their music to the next level. Check out PSYCLE on facebook and their web site. They will not be local for long!!! First and fore most who came up with the name: PSYCLE ?   Psycle came about right before our first show back in 2000. We were asked by a promoter what our band name was and we hadn’t even discussed it. The idea of things coming full circle and getting what you give is something that has always fascinated me. Karma is on my mind often and I have always believed that if you put good things into the universe it will find its way back to you. Unfortunately, the universe doesn’t believe in time management hahahahha You have an almost country rock flavor to your sound. How would y


The Greasy Luck Brewpub and its adjoining rock venue,"the Vault" have hosted a number of notable rock and heavy rock acts lately. The venue is large enough to handle these acts yet intimate enough to offer ample viewing of the stage from anyplace in the room. My experiences there have been nothing but positive from the menu to the bartenders this place is a top notch premier venue.      On Friday, August 10th, the all female Judas Priest tribute band, JUDAS PRIESTESS entered the vault and tore the roof off. The opening act, MELIA, features a  flashy guitarist/singer, with a quick hand and a raspy,soulful voice.  The elements of pop and alternative rock were there, as well as some punk and hard rock influences. it all blended together with a tight band behind her.  MELIA rips on her guitar but at times pulls back and allows her band to shine. In particular was the incredibly tight backing musicians, Angelo Marasco on bass, Jimmy Whitaker on rhythm guitar

PRIMAL FEAR returns with their latest epic metal masterpiece, APOCALYPSE

PRIMAL FEAR returns with their latest epic metal masterpiece, APOCALYPSE, on August 10th. Created in 1997 by vocalist RALF SCHEEPERS, and Bassist MATT SINNER, This German  band has been a constant juggernaut of metal anthems and crushing ballads for over 20 years!  This trend continues on the inspiring APOCALYPSE. 11 scorching tracks of molten heavy metal ready to be pounded into your brain. Have no doubt that PRIMAL FEAR is one of the best metal acts on the planet. Tracks like, "Kings Of  Madness", and "Hounds of Justice" slice right through your speakers.Epic tomes like " Supernova" reveal a band at the height of its creativity. In short, this album is a true iconic representation of what modern heavy metal should sound like.  Most of their peers tend to veer off in different variations of the metal genre. But PRIMAL FEAR remains solidly entrenched in the magnificent metal they love to create.    Frontiers Records have scored anoth