Cry of the wolf magazine interview with LIZZY BORDEN

Cry of the wolf magazine interview with LIZZY BORDEN

In the world of heavy metal and especially 80's based American metal the band LIZZY BORDEN always strikes a special chord with fans. Consistent in the change from album to album yet retaining the classic Borden sound is an art form unto itself. The new album MY MIDNIGHT THINGS out June 11th on metal blade is a tour de force of modern hard rock meets classic American heavy metal. The theme centers on love but each song delivers that traditional Borden kick in the throat. Truly an artist that never fails to deliver, LIZZY BORDEN took the time out of tour prep to talk with us about the new album and an ever evolving music industry.

Do you ever get tired of promoting with the media?
No. It's part of the gig.

The new album is just a completely solid album. Why the long wait?
Thanks so much. I've been getting such a great response for the last three weeks. Never had a response so positive like this for any of my records.
I just didn't t want to record an album because of the music industry crash. I had the old 80's deal and it just didn’t make sense to do that. I said I can't work the way the music industry used to be. It's over. The old way of doing it. Brian slagel from metal blade came to me and said we have figured out a way to do this. So it's not just a label anymore, it has all channels operating to one cause. I missed being a recording artist. I'm happy I'm doing it

Love is the subject. With all the negativity in the world… how do you approach it?
It doesn’t matter what happens around the world only what is in my world. I have a theme for every album. So since the last album was about death then I thought this would be about love.

you have always had some killer videos? Do you like the process of making videos?
I love it. I love film. If I hadn't don’t his then I would be involved in film. I love doing it. For the video (Long May They Haunt Us), we wanted different looks. Lots of makeup but I loved doing it. During the down time I went to film school. I have a passion for it. But it is very difficult.

With technology what sort of show can we expect and will you tour the states?
North America I didn’t concentrate much on after grunge, we lost a lot of kids to hip hop. So that devastated a lot of the market but it is coming back. I think it is coming back. Kids are playing instruments again I plan on doing a proper North American tour. Technology enables us to put on better and better shows. Full on theatrics. A few back catalog songs but mostly the new album. The technology is awesome. Things I can do now rather than what we had to use in the 80's. Technology… usually things just die but this is a respirator for a lot of different mediums and genres. Some things should die. If it stays alive then it is worth it. There are options now. The 80's ended so fast. When it was over it was devastating for fans and the bands. With the new tech it could have lasted longer.

Social media…involved or no?
I'm involved because I have to be. Others are more involved. It’s a necessary evil but it's an ocean of bands that you sift through. The label, the majority of the marketing is on social media.

What has been the most challenging aspect of being an artist?
The most challenging aspect is lack of sleep on tours. Most of the tours there is not a lot of sleep. You have to give it up to be a performer. Also the ups and downs of the industry. One second you’re the media darling and the next you're not. You can't freak out.
I never quit. I took breaks. I always understood how it all works. The ebb and flow.  When the down time came I realized I could take a break and do other projects and when it came around again then I could put an album out and go on tour.

What is the craziest thing that happened to you at a gig or on tour?
I could write a book. The biggest story would be almost getting arrested. We flew to Germany did our show and I had a bag full of props. At the end of the show I threw the bloody props in a bag and set off the alarms at the airport checking. The German cops dragged me away and stuck me in a room. They thought it was real. They kept asking me what have you done. They let me go but said never come back. We went back the next year. One of a thousand stories over the years.

10/10 Wolf Howls


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