A conversation With Charlie Calv from Radio Exile

A conversation With Charlie Calv from Radio Exile

Radio Exile is a powerhouse melodic rock band with pure, honest, straight ahead conviction and
soul. Their debut cd, Simply entitled ,Radio Exile, is a master class in concentrated riffs,
harmonious vocals and hard rocking tempos. This is one of those unexpected hit albums that
you can never stop playing. Every song is a gem of genuine classic songwriting.
 When asked if they recording together as a group or file shared like so many of their peers,
keyboardist, Charlie Calv explained.

" We wanted to get guys from different backgrounds and generations and throw them in a
room together and see what happens. The intent from the beginning was to make a record the
old fashioned way. We rehearse together and we go into the studio together. Not too many
records are done like this these days.
Calv noted further how involved the band is during the video production especially for the first

" The director was fantastic. I actually went out and scouted the location. We had an idea of what we
wanted it to look like. Kind of gritty looking. It worked out well for us.

 Calv expressed their desire to tour but at this time it might be difficult.

"Our schedules are crazy. We are looking at some festival dates towards the end of the year. One
here in the states and one overseas.
When asked if their was any band he would love to jam with, Calv replied.
"The Foo Fighters. Dave Grohl. They put out some great records."

If you are a fan of classic, melodic rock then you must pick up a copy of this cd. Radio Exile is
one of those bands that echoes in your head hours after you finish playing it.

Radio Exile is:

 Chandler Mogel / Lead and Backing Vocals
 Charlie Calv / Piano, Keyboards
 Jimmy Leahey / Guitars, Backing Vocals
 Kenny Aaronson / Bass
  Dave Anthony / Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals


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