The Raskins An Interview With Roger Raskin

The Raskins

I had the chance to speak with Roger Raskin. Roger along with his brother Logan and an insanely talented band are currently on tour opening for Motley Crue and Alice Cooper. Landing such a prestigious spot is never something to take lightly; and the fact that this is Motley Crue's final tour is not lost on The Raskins, as they rock stages across the United States this summer.

How is the tour going?

Tour has been going amazing. The reception has been amazingly good and the guys are playing well.

Has it been tough opening for the Crue on their final tour?

It is an interesting question.  When the tour started I wasn't sure how the crowd would accept us. But you know obviously they come to see Alice Cooper and Motley Crue. But my guys give 100% and the crowd really appreciates that. After we play we do a meet and greet and the fans have been incredible. I am really psyched about everything so far.

The album is doing really well.

The album is doing great. People seem to dig it. There are a lot of layers on the record. So far all the reviews have been solid.

The video for" we had it all" has a tremendous amount of hits.

Yeah it is a cool video. We had a tremendous amount of fun doing it. It is kind of the trials and tribulations of being in the industry. At the end of the video we are kind of locked out of the label. Which is how it goes sometimes.

The music and your personality says "good times'

Yeah when you get into the business you do not know what the hell to expect. One thing I would try to tell younger bands is to do the music that you like. Do what makes you happy. You have to write the kind of music that makes it feel right. Don't do what the label pushes you to do. So it's organic. That is what we do. We give 100% every night.

So you have felt pressure from labels?

When we were younger. Your objective back then was to try and get a label. The business has changed so much. The labels are not in play as much anymore. With you tube and social media the artist has more control. You don't need a label anymore. We took a grass roots approach. It was amazing. We could do the record we wanted to do.

What is next for the Raskins after this tour is over?

When we took this tour. Well we were hoping to get this tour. I wasn't sure how many shows we would get. Turned out to be the whole tour. Something like 67 dates including Canada. Things are growing rapidly for us. There are some talks about AC/DC. Which I could die completely happy if that happens. They are getting an album and tour ready and our name came up.

 Do all the bands hang together backstage?

It's cool. The first show we all had lunch with Nikki Sixx. He h=made us feel very comfortable. He was super cool. He really digs the band and even plays our record on his radio show. Alice Copper's guys we always hang out with. Tommy and Nicky the guitarists. Alice Cooper hung out. Real laid back guy.

Any crazy road stories on this tour?

Yeah well...we will have to talk about that in person (laughs) you know what every night something is going on. It's the Motley Crue, Alice Cooper tour so there is a lot going on. It is not boring. It has been great though. All in good fun.

On 8-24-2014 The Motley Crue/Alice Cooper Tour  takes a final swing through Mansfield. Mass. Check out The Raskins as well!



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