Best new Power Metal Album of 2016....and the winner is?????

So we were going to go down a list of top ten. Then it stretched to top twenty. So many good releases this year in not only power metal but also hard rock and classic metal as well. Both known and unkown bands.
We do a lot of promoting for Frontiers Records and Beyond. They released some killer bands this year, Nordic Union, Inglorious, Primal Fear...among many others....

Hammerfall released an awesome album this year as well.

Amon Amarth...Saxon....Lords Of Black

Metallica....They just wrote the follow up to "Master Of Puppets". fantastic double album
.megadeth....Mustaine never stops writing killer riffs
Sabaton...continuing to carry the flag of metal to the future


On sliptrick records......veonity is the hands down winner for best power metal release:
                                                              Into The Void

Hands down just a fantastic album. From Song one to the end this album does not disappoint. People ask what bands will take the helm when bands like IRON MAIDEN, SAVATAGE,SAXON, finally call it a day and retire. Well, VEONITY is one of those bands. Superior musicianship, Superior songwriting. This band is just beginning to discover it's own strengths. Looking forward to more great power metal from them.


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