VEONITY, Into The Void album review

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Here at the office, we get a lot of cds. And an equal number of power metal cds. While the very nature of power metal means that you have superior performances by musicians at the height of the technical prowess, most lose it all in the mix down. The end result is a fantastic sonic pile of mush. Few bands can find that ability to rise above and separate the perfect ingredients without over cooking.
VEONITY is not that band. They have found that magical sweet spot whereby raw talent mixes equally well with production and style. The end result on their latest release, INTO THE VOID” Is nothing short of a sonic masterpiece. Here is a band that plays to its strengths. Each track is a master class in performance and control.
Stand out tracks to me are: “Winds Of Faith”, “Astral Flames”, “Awake”. Great cover, great look and production. This is a band to watch. Some are asking who will carry the flame now that MANOWAR, BLACK SABBATH, are retiring. Now that IRON MAIDEN and other bands have approached the twilight. Who will carry on the fight? Look no further than VEONITY. They have the right mix at the right time. A slight pull back from the usual power metal rule book and this band could be legendary.
10/10 Horns Up

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