The Great Kat, Beethoven Shreds!!!


The Great Kat
Beethoven Shreds

   From the beginning of the Great Kat’s latest guitar drenched release, it is clear who defines the classical speed metal genre. Her shredding is exceptional. Her tone is unmatched. Her speed and clarity of notes is impeccable. Her album, BEETHOVEN SHREDS  is an ear orgasm.
The seven tracks that are forever burned into this disc are testimonials to the superior playing ability the Great Kat brings to her guitar. But it is not simply just a speed burn. The production is a masterpiece unto itself. Each note rings out with crystal clarity. Beethoven himself would be proud of her accomplishments in sound and fury.


Her playing outshines and outlasts anything her peers can do. But before guitar snobs shrug or offer quips of negativity, you should realize that the Great Kat is a classically trained violinist, graduating from the Julliard School and touring for a time playing conventional classical music before crossing over to metal. She has the credentials to match her insane style of shredding. The Great Kat doesn’t need to compete with anyone else in her genre ,she is at the top, and all the rest will kneel.
Guitar One magazine listed her as one of the "Fastest Shredders of All Time!!!

Get BEETHOVEN SHREDS into your car radio now!. Slide the disk in and let The Great Kat dominate your ear drums in classical speed ecstasy.

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