Shallow ground Interview


Interview With Keith Letourneau From Shallow Ground

Take us through your writing process

"I usually write the riffs, bring them to practice. We record everything. Usually we practice twice a week. Sunday mornings are the most productive."

How long is your set usually?

"Depends. If we have 30 minutes or if it is longer. We have a lot of material to choose from. And of course we do some covers. Last time we were at Metal Meltdown in pennsylvania we did a faster, thrashier version of "Mob Rules".

Craziest thing that ever happened onstage?

" Stuff breaking. The usual. Beer spilling on pedals. One time our old guitarist didn't push his cable in all the way so spent a long time trying to analyze what was wrong with his rig."

We talked at length about the gear he uses  and the labels involvement with their act. Keith was honest when he told me that this is not about any kind of money. As he states,

" It's a part of you"

The band would love the chance to play the larger festivals of Europe. When I presented any festival in particular, Keith replied,

"Keep it true, or Wakken. that would be awesome. But we would have to stay for about 60 dates to make enough for it to be worth it so we really can't just take off for 3 months. We have jobs, marriages. Our drummer teaches High School calculus or trigonemetry.

Still the dream is there but for now Shallow Ground is content to tear the living hell out of the local Connecticut thrash metal scene. Keith says the next album which should be out in Feb or March will, 
"blow everything away. It's power polka!"

Time to embrace the fury.
Keith Letourneau - Guitar/Vocals
Mark Chrzaszczewski - Bass
Kurt Ragis - Drums
Meriden CT
Record Label
KMR (Killer Metal Records)


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