SLUGFEST book review

As a kid you were either a DC or a MARVEL fan. The reasons for each were simple 
enough. Whichever comic book captured your young imagination first was the winner. For me it was and always will be MARVEL. 

 But behind the scenes of these two mega iconic publications there has always been a power struggle. Reed Tucker presents this 50 year battle of giants in a clear and concise format. Leaving no stone UN turned, Tucker dives deep into the cut throat world of comic book icons.

  Another solid feather in the cap for DA CAPO PRESS. This book is a great read and a must have for any fan of comics and comic action movies in general. Open this book and immerse yourself in the continuous civil war of comic book legends like STAN LEE and DC. 

SLUGFEST is available now at all outlets.

9/10 wolf howls

Steelheart, Through Worlds Of Stardust

Let there be no doubt, Miljenko Matijevic has one of the most powerful and recognizable voices in rock. His prowess with earlier STEELHEART albums proves this and his explosive expression on the soundtrack for the movie rock star solidifies him in the pantheon of rock God vocals.

 This new album is equally on par to become legendary. Every song on this release is chock full of crazy fun loud and powerful rock and roll. Something for everyone. Check out " My Dirty Girl", "You Got Me runnin" and "You got me twisted".

This is pure heavy rock and roll. Pick up this album when it comes out and play it loud.

Through Worlds Of Stardust------9/10 wolf howls

Steelheart is the brainchild of Miljenko Matijevic whose powerful voice and multi-octave range is the heart and soul of the band. Although they were lumped in with the glut of long-haired hard rock bands emerging in the early ‘90s, the band was always more forward thinking than their peers and the 2017 ver…

Niviane The druid King

Niviane is a power house of power metal. It is heartening to see such worthy talent upcoming. This band and its music is sure to rise to the top of the american power metal scene. Soaring vocals and killer thunderous riffs. Guitar interludes that will blow you away. You must get this album. Look for a release this November.      Vocalist Norman Skinner is the real deal, honest, and true to his craft. He comes across as a down to earth true fan of power metal who is not plagued by ego problems like other musicians. I had a chance to speak briefly with him. " It comes down to something that I consider listening to over and over." was his response to what makes a perfect song. Later he would mention that he tries not to write songs that sound repetitive just to fill out an album. In regards to the longevity of power metal Skinner relates: " There is that formula thing. There are so many great bands out there. I'm constantly hearing them. Probably more than I will ever get…



Answered by miho, bass guitar player
1) Take us through the writing process

I always write riffs first and make a basic demo, then start adding arrangement to complete a song.

2) Does everyone contribute

Our guitarlist mi-ya and myself, along with another songwriter outside of the band usually write music/melody. Each of us brings own music to the table and each band member arrange their own part to complete the music. As for the lyrics, asami and myself write all of our songs. But each band member is a great song-writer, we are going to play other member’s songs as well in the near future.

3) What are the rehearsals like. Do you have set jam times

When we start rehearsing for a tour/show, we first decide how much time we want to/can put into each song and concentrate on bettering the performance one by one. And we play from top to the bottom of our set list for a several times.

4) What makes the perfect song for you

It has to be a metal song t…

Tower Of Babel featuring Joe Stump

Tower Of Babel Features the mighty JOE STUMP on guitar. This album is chock full of epic soaring leads, powerful vocals and extremely tight musicianship. This is a powerhouse of true metal warriors. Joe is a true musicians musician. Non compromising and incredibly talented and knowledgeable of his instrument. This is a true guitar icon.  Check out the interview with Mr. Stump below.

What are the plans for TOWER OF BABEL?

 Touring in Europe is the only plan right now.

How do you get your mind set for European touring

I'm overseas all the time. My job at the Berklee faculty of music allows me that luxury. Usually I'm touring during my vacation weeks. So I'm getting paid vacation time and touring money. As long as there is coffee and beer I'm cool. I find ways to relax. I'll watch guitar videos and then head to a pub.

Are you concerned with safety overseas now?

Wherever you go now it is a concern. I was there when the Manchester thing went down. Ritchie Blackmore was pl…

An Interview With Doro Pesch

Editors note: ( My very first interview was over the phone with the fantastic DORO PESCH)

     Years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Doro Pesch at the New Jersey Metal Meltdown.  She rocked that stage, sandwiched in between a host of death and new age metal bands;  she stood her ground and played from the heart. Doro is one of the metal community's shining stars. A veteran musician she has been on tour in some form or another almost her entire life. That dedication and passion comes through, not only with her music, but also her personality. She is metal.  You can hear her love for the genre in her voice as she excitedly speaks of music she has created and plans for the future.  Her latest album, "Raise Your Fist" is loaded with both traditional heavy rockers, and powerful ballads.  My initial goal was to obviously discuss the new album but I found there is so much more to learn and discuss with this wonderful, classy, icon of metal.  Her positivity was infectious.



Editors note:(Back when I first started this I had the chance to interview jon 5 at the mayhem festival.)

   How is the Mayhem tour going?
Tour is going great so far. I can't complain. Good shows, nice weather. We had a power outage in Scranton. Everything is going really well. Looking for more in the future.

Are you happy with the production and the stage on this tour?
Oh yes. So huge. It can't get much bigger. As  a matter of fact we can't even use all of it today. People are going to watch a really cool show.

The album is doing great and is really an excellent hard rock album.
Yeah the album. It's great. We recorded it at Rob's place and we had no distractions. No cell service, nothing. Just focused on the writing. The album came out great we are really proud of it. I love it. I love listening to it.

How does the writing process work for this. Does Rob have the ideas and you bring the guitar parts to him or?....
You know, I'll say I have a bunch of riffs and he…



QUIET RIOT was not the first band that got me into heavy metal. I was already well entrenched in the power and the glory of bands like Sabbath, Saxon, and Dio. But for an impressionable youth the constant nagging from the "cool" kids at school about how lame metal was became very bothersome. Cliched white sneaker wearing future lawyers were constantly picking on me and my metal head friends. QUIET RIOT one day came on the radio and changed all that. Like an asteroid hitting the dinosaurs they wiped away all the so called un coolness about metal and made it mainstream. Suddenly all the jocks were "banging" their heads to songs like "Metal Health", And "slick Black Cadillac". So years later after the heavy smoke has cleared I got the chance to speak with one of the key architects of QUIET RIOT, Mr. Frankie Banali. They are about to release ROAD RAGE on Frontiers Records and it so…

TRAGEDIAN INTERVIEW WITH CRY OF THE WOLF MAGAZINE including rare photos and a special guest

For most of my interviews I don't usually get a break down of equipment used. Gabrielle from TRAGEDIAN has been kind enough to have his guitar tech write up an explanation of the gear he uses. One thing I know from Gabrielle from my past playing with him, is that he is dedicated to his craft. CRY OF THE WOLF MAGAZINE receives regular updates from the road and studio from TRAGEDIAN. Below is the interview and the guitar tech's viewpoint as well.
       Thank you to Oliver Illias liakos!

1- Describe the writing process for THE new album?
The writing process this time around was a bit similar to the "Dreamscape" sessions. Again more a band effort than "Decimation" as to where I wrote 95% of the material myself except for the melody lines, bass and keyboard parts. First I wrote just the guitar parts for all the songs and then I would meet with Alex once a week for a whole day and started from song 1 and he would compose a melody on the spot and at the same time I …