Editors note:(Back when I first started this I had the chance to interview jon 5 at the mayhem festival.)

   How is the Mayhem tour going?

Tour is going great so far. I can't complain. Good shows, nice weather. We had a power outage in Scranton. Everything is going really well. Looking for more in the future.

Are you happy with the production and the stage on this tour?

Oh yes. So huge. It can't get much bigger. As  a matter of fact we can't even use all of it today. People are going to watch a really cool show.

The album is doing great and is really an excellent hard rock album.

Yeah the album. It's great. We recorded it at Rob's place and we had no distractions. No cell service, nothing. Just focused on the writing. The album came out great we are really proud of it. I love it. I love listening to it.

How does the writing process work for this. Does Rob have the ideas and you bring the guitar parts to him or?....

You know, I'll say I have a bunch of riffs and he will say I like this, I don't like that. Then we mess around with things until it all comes together. I write constantly. If I wasn't talking to you I would probably be playing.

You play Fender guitars. Always been a Fender guy?

Always. You know I have loved teles my whole life. I like to do things different. This is metal but I'm playing a country style guitar. It's really hard to play but it's something I love. When I was growing up, watching the show Hee Haw. That is what they used. I didn't know there was a different type of guitar.
So it comes from being a really little kid, saying that's what I want to play.

Effects racks?

Oh God no I use pedals.

Boss Pedals

Yes.  I don't do too much with them. I like to just use my hands.

Do you guys ever sit around the tour bus with an acoustic?

Absolutely I love acoustic playing. I lay a bunch of acoustic music. I did a solo album of just acoustic songs. I just love the acoustic, bluegrass, Spanish style  guitar flamenco.

What is the craziest thing that has happened on this tour?

People are looking for wild things but this is crazy. My son who is 17. He's never seen me play live  before and he did on this tour for the first time. So to me that was was great for me.

Is it tough being on the road?

It is tough being on the road. Being away from family but you know it's worth it. It's what I do. It's fun. I have been touring since 1994 so I'm happy.

Saw you on that Metal Show recently. Do you feel that show has increased awareness for the genre?

It's the only show we have. Meaning, our hard rock community. It's the only one we have so we crowd around that like it's the one channel on the T.V. It's all we have. I love that show. 11pm on  a Saturday.

You have worked with a lot of people in the business. Do you ever find yourself still getting star struck by some of these celebrities?

Oh yeah, You walk into a room and there is Elton John sitting there. You're like oh, wow that's cool. People who have attained that high level of fame. They don't live like us. Private jets, it's like royalty. And I love that. It's incredible to meet these people. I like when celebrities are untouchable. You know like these musicians, they don't look like anybody else. I enjoy that. They present themselves differently.

Anyone you have not worked with that you would like to?

A Beatle, Prince. I mean if you saw prince walk in you would know it's prince. I think that is cool.

Anything else going on beside the tour?

You know what...Rob Zombie..White Zombie, have never done a live DVD. You're the first person that knows this. We are doing a live DVD. And we are going to film it coming up pretty soon. The first one so it's gonna be rad.

As far as guitar playing. Where do you see yourself?

I'm learning every day. I try to play as much as possible. I work hard at writing, playing everything. I love it. If I didn't have it I would lose my mind.

At home..wall of amplifiers or small practice amp?

Small little amp. That is all you need. When I do clinics I usually just have a little amp. It's great. All you need. That and your hands.

If you never picked up the guitar what would you be doing?

Probably selling vintage guitars. Yeah. Anything with guitars.


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