Answered by miho, bass guitar player

1) Take us through the writing process

I always write riffs first and make a basic demo, then start adding arrangement to complete a song.

2) Does everyone contribute

Our guitarlist mi-ya and myself, along with another songwriter outside of the band usually write music/melody. Each of us brings own music to the table and each band member arrange their own part to complete the music. As for the lyrics, asami and myself write all of our songs. But each band member is a great song-writer, we are going to play other member’s songs as well in the near future.

3) What are the rehearsals like. Do you have set jam times

When we start rehearsing for a tour/show, we first decide how much time we want to/can put into each song and concentrate on bettering the performance one by one. And we play from top to the bottom of our set list for a several times.

4) What makes the perfect song for you

It has to be a metal song that everybody who hears it can’t help but throw the horns!

5) Any subject matter you would not write about

As for the sound wise, it has to be nothing but metal. It has to have the element of metal otherwise we won’t play it! (LOL)  As for the lyrics, we do not have a specific message or theme we use as a guideline or try to come across but I trust my band members that none of us would write anything that’s too weird or too awkward.

6) What new bands do you like

Right now I’m loving AMKEN from Greek. For me, the Greek thrash metal is so old school and so HOT right now.

7) Something in your personal cd collection fans would not expect

Aside from anything to do with metal, our fans may be surprised to find out that I have so many soundtracks of the video games! I especially love soundtracks of games from NIHON FALCOM. I have been playing video games, like Ys, since when I was in school, it gets me high every time when I hear such cools songs like its opening theme and the one that you fight with the boss. Of course, I tend to like the video game music that are metal or metal-ish though! LOL

8) Name a band you would love to tour with

We would love to tour with legendary metal bands… If I have to name one, if we could tour with THE BIG 4, that would be amazing!

9) How do you feel about social media and its influence over the music business

I believe it’s essential and indispensable for us to be on social media nowadays. We are going to be sharing more about us, through our individual account and the official account.

10) What has been the most challenging aspect of being a musician

For me personally, it was very challenging to stay positive during the time of the breakup of my previous band up to getting LOVEBITES ready to roll. It’s not easy to find exceptional talents to form an all-female metal band. If I didn’t meet the member of LOVEBITES, I may not have continued music. Right now, our main challenge is to figure out how we can grow as the band LOVEBITES and that’s kind of a challenge we are up for taking.

11) What got you first involved in music

I started learning piano when I was 5 years old. I’ve always liked minor key songs ever since I can remember. I started listening to rock music, then metal stole my heart and started playing bass guitar.

12) Any hobbies or passions outside of music

Watching Anime, reading manga, and playing video games. I also love drawing so I like creating fan arts of anime, manga and video games.

13) Strangest thing that ever happened at a gig

It happened to me when I was in my previous band, I totally forgot about the pyro on stage and almost got burned! Also, even after that incident, since the venue was so small that we couldn’t see anything from the smoke! That was a show to remember!

14) Where do you see yourself in 5 years

We would like to be touring overseas all the time!

15) Anything you want to say to the fans

The journey of LOVEBITES has just begun and we are going to be performing everywhere! We are also planning on releasing our first full-length album before the year end and we would love everybody to enjoy it! Thank you for your love and support.



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