Tower Of Babel featuring Joe Stump

Tower Of Babel Features the mighty JOE STUMP on guitar. This album is chock full of epic soaring leads, powerful vocals and extremely tight musicianship. This is a powerhouse of true metal warriors. Joe is a true musicians musician. Non compromising and incredibly talented and knowledgeable of his instrument. This is a true guitar icon.  Check out the interview with Mr. Stump below.

What are the plans for TOWER OF BABEL?

 Touring in Europe is the only plan right now.

How do you get your mind set for European touring

I'm overseas all the time. My job at the Berklee faculty of music allows me that luxury. Usually I'm touring during my vacation weeks. So I'm getting paid vacation time and touring money. As long as there is coffee and beer I'm cool. I find ways to relax. I'll watch guitar videos and then head to a pub.

Are you concerned with safety overseas now?

Wherever you go now it is a concern. I was there when the Manchester thing went down. Ritchie Blackmore was playing down the road. You gotta keep your eyes open but you also have to live.

what do you like to do beside play guitar?

I like to cook. I like watching the Yankees play. I've been watching them for a decade now.

What first got you into music?

In the 70's watching the tom jones show. Tight pants and rings. He just looked cool. The johnny cash show. The 70's were a great time for rock. I grew up in New York. Played my first bar at 15 in high school.

What is the strangest thing that has ever happened at a gig?

Well I have a few stories. One is that we were playing with HOLY HELL in Slovenia. The keyboard player split his pants. He had gone commando. He's playing his keytar all over the stage exposed. Someone has a picture of it. Another time I'm playing Masters Of Rock in the Czech Republic. I had a wireless. It sounded like a radio. Played my first festival sounding like total crap.


I have an ESP endorsement. I'm a strat guy so I have an ESP custom strat. Custom Blackmore pickups. For amps I have the YJM100, Also a 71 marshall that actually belonged to Yngwie. Yngwie overdrive. Mostly Marshall double stacks I also play in a Deep Purple tribute band and a Ritchie Blackmore tribute called Blacknights castle. It's cool. I get to throw in some of my own solo material and no one is the wiser.

What makes the perfect song for you?

Something has to have that rock element. Strong melody. As I get older I embrace more of the rock side.


check out TOWER OF BABEL


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