TRAGEDIAN INTERVIEW WITH CRY OF THE WOLF MAGAZINE including rare photos and a special guest

For most of my interviews I don't usually get a break down of equipment used. Gabrielle from TRAGEDIAN has been kind enough to have his guitar tech write up an explanation of the gear he uses. One thing I know from Gabrielle from my past playing with him, is that he is dedicated to his craft. CRY OF THE WOLF MAGAZINE receives regular updates from the road and studio from TRAGEDIAN. Below is the interview and the guitar tech's viewpoint as well.
       Thank you to Oliver Illias liakos!

1- Describe the writing process for THE new album?

The writing process this time around was a bit similar to the "Dreamscape" sessions. Again more a band effort than "Decimation" as to where I wrote 95% of the material myself except for the melody lines, bass and keyboard parts. First I wrote just the guitar parts for all the songs and then I would meet with Alex once a week for a whole day and started from song 1 and he would compose a melody on the spot and at the same time I would start brainstorming lyrics. After the lyrics were set we then went through the whole song checking the notes and chord progressions to make sure it all fit together. When that was all set and done Alex would record a pilot track,i recorded the rhythm to a click and the the songs were sent to our drummer Nicolo in Italy where he layed his tracks and sent them back ,then Dirk recorded the bass and I recorded the master guitar tracks.

2- How do you view social media?

If you're in the entertainment business either as an actor, musician, producer, director or any other kind of public figure, than this is a great outlet for telling and promoting to the world and modern civilization that you are and what you're doing. The biggest downside to social media are the whack jobs and nut cases who stalk people or befriend people just to keep tabs or gather information regardless if you're a public figure or an average Joe. Since I've been on Facebook vie had to completely block a few people for stalking, I mean literally asking where I was at certain hours of the day instead of being on line and talking to the cyber world or sending me mails telling me I'm "thee person" they waited for all their lives and how they need me and need to be in my near or religious people who somehow see a "hidden dark satanic message" in my lyrics and artworks and in the name of  Jesus Christ , they want to save my soul.

3- Strangest thing that ever happened at a gig?

Besides Dirk sneaking up behind me on my side of the stage and dropping the most unbearable farts, I would have to say that was in L├╝beck , Germany back in October 2014.During the solo in "Conquerors" (the encore), from out of nowhere I get hit with a flying red rose. No name, note or telephone number attached and no one in the audience claimed to have thrown it.

4- Something in your cd collection fans would never expect?

Quite a few things actually.Tom Jones, Scooter (German Techno Band),Cascada (German Euro Dance Band) Rex Anthony (Italian Hard Style D.J.) and various other Euro Trance and Dance bands like  Bass Lovers United, Drive and Face, La Bousche, Alex Megane and Brennen Hart.

5- Favorite song to play live?

At the moment the show opener "Napoleon". That combined with the intro of the battlefield, galloping horses, cannon blasts, it really sets the mood and atmosphere along with getting the adrenalin going not only for the band but the audience as well. A great moment from the last gigs was seeing the reaction on the fan's face as the intro started and once we ripped into the song, watching them pump their fists along with the music.

6- Where do you see tragedian in 5 years?

For sure still together recording music and playing live with the current line up. Although I can no longer predict where this is all heading due to the ever changing industry, all the members feel at home here, everyone has their creative say and input and were speaking the same musical language. Regardless of the changing industry, somehow someway, we will still be here.

7- How do you prepare for a tour?

First and foremost learn the songs; I at least run through the set 2 -3 times a day until first show day. Next on the list are exercising, healthy eating, bike riding and shedding a few pounds so I can deliver a really good show to a deserving audience that played hard earned money and continues to show love and support.

8. Favorite city to play in.

I would say every city I played so far is a favourite and for different reasons. The Netherlands for example , the fans are extreme enthusiastic, I have many friends there who sometimes drive over 2 hours to visit me at the venue and we usually have a pre show dinner together
or Sweden,Finland,Denmark,Spain  for the night life. The UK,Italy,Austria,Germany ,Switzerland and  Luxembourg  also has great pubs and restaurants

9.When will the album be released?

At present time the new cd is being mastered ,do check back either out official home page or facebook site.

Oliver Illias liakos

Guitar Tech for Gabriele Palermo from Tragedian

I first met Gabriele in the early 2000's as he just moved to Hamburg and lived across the street from me. Although Tragedian was formed in 2002, I joined the crew and family in 2014,. At a young age I had already gained experience as a guitar tech and backliner. As I am also a guitarist, I am very strict about the use and handling of instruments and  Gabriele has heard it so many times especially when he rubs the guitar over the monitor box or rips his strings off at the end of every concert.

Gabriele's sound is powered by his rack case which consists  of the Engl  2x35 power amplifier, a guitar multi-effects processor, the Vox Tonelab Ex with a Nady wireless system all through a  power distributor PPC9000E from Phonic.For studio and stage he uses the Rg series from Ibanez. He loves his Ibanez gutars,women,,Heineken beer.Jim Beam and Ibanez guitars ,nothing is more sacred to him. The blue 270 rgx dx is usually the studio rhythm guitar and as a back up guitar for live shows. The red 420a is the heart of his game, he play it both live and in the studio and he does it really well!

On a working level, he can be really tense. If you travel and hang out with him privately, then it's  only nonsense to the max, the details I rather spare you, but with him you either shake your head incredulously, or you laugh yourself dead. More I do not say. Before a concert, he walks around like a bottle of nitro-glycerine until the end of the show. This is the moment when I have to put friendship aside and put myself on a working professional level. And it can be hectic. He always pretends that everything is normal, but if something is not quite as desired or to his liking, then everyone can feel his tension. If everything goes well, than he is laughing and joking on stage. After the show, the level of intensity is down again. Then the after show party commences!

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