Interview With Marita!

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Recently I had the opportunity to ask a few questions with Marita. Her passion and love of heavy metal blazes through in both her appearance and her killer 80's style metal music.

1. You're very active on Instagram and You tube, etc. How has this media outlet helped you as far as reaching new audiences?
It has hepled me a lot. I've already sold many albums, and I couldn't be more happy about the great suppoert I've gotten from fellow metalheads and 80s lovers.
2. We are living in an age of many female fronted metal bands. How do you feel about this? And do you see yourself as a role model?
I think it's great that women step up to the mic and takes the lead as the front-woman of a metal band. Female metalheads are sexy and the world needs more of us ;)
I hope that some fellow rock and metal chicks see me as a role model. I just want to show them that they must not hold back on who they are and who they want to be. Yo…

Guns And Roses Foxboro, Mass. Concert Review

Guns And Roses Concert Review, Foxboro Mass, 7/19/2016

   The sledgehammer riff of set opener, “It’s So Easy”, led to an explosive two plus hour set filled with classic guns and cover tributes. If you were waiting all these years for a reunion,which seemed the most unlikely to ever happen, then this was truly worth the wait. The band was tight and loose at the same time. Each member offering a blistering performance, that clearly appeared to be enjoyed by all. Slash is the master of that Gibson tone. His solo section was inspiring.  Axl’s vocals were insanely powerful, leaving any doubters by the wayside. Duff was rock steady and took full advantage of the stage risers as each song powered onward. Keyboardist duo, Dizzy Reed, and newcomer Melissa Reece provide a key back drop to round out the hard rock sound. Drummer, Frank Ferrer is a powerhouse of syncopation that literally never stopped all night. Rounding all this out is guitarist, Richard Fortus, who provides a great sonic foil t…

Jorn---Heavy Rock Radio

from the press release:

One of the greatest rock singers of our time, Jorn Lande returns with a unique album of covers of classics from artists and bands that have meant something special to him, and helped forge this talented man's own unique style.

Through Jorn's extensive career, which includes more than 40 albums of mostly original songs, he has also recorded great versions of several rock classics such as Thin Lizzy's "Are You Ready", UFO's "On and On", Deep Purple's "Perfect Strangers", and many more. Jorn also recorded a successful Ronnie James Dio tribute album, released in 2010. Every song JORN covers is treated with the utmost respect and "Jorn-ized" accordingly. A good example is his heavy sounding version of "I Walk Alone", first released by Tarja Turunen (ex-Nightwish).

"Heavy Rock Radio" is not an ordinary album of cover songs, it is truly a songbook of hits. Featured – among others - are gr…


An Interview With Summoned Tide

Rickard Thelin - Guitar / Vocal
Jennifer Sikström - Bass / Vocal
Ryan O´Shea - Drums
Mikael Thelin - Guitar
Jimi Toivanen - Synth

Summoned Tide are a true metal band with a powerful and passion filled sound that will melt your face off. Hailing from Sweden, this is band is a power metal force to be reckoned with.  In a world of aging rock stars and metal cliches , Summoned Tide offers something fresh, young, and purely metal to the masses. They answered a few of my questions via social media. Check em out!

Who came up with the name?
Rickard did. He wanted something that would sound wide and broad yet controlled and captivating.
Your influences are certainly steeped in traditional metal but what new metal bands also inspire you?
We listen to about everything from death to classic from all over the world. Music is such a wonderful thing and different people from different countries got their own specialties which inspire us in some way. Some direct examples are ba…

Book Review of Michael Sweet's autobiography

My Life And Stryper revealed
Michael Sweet
With Dave Rose and Doug Van Pelt
Big3 Records

    You get a strong sense that Michael Sweets new book is written from the heart. His relationship with God, family, and Stryper are revealed in surprisingly honest and candid ways. Michael has ADHD, suffered serious financial problems, and has seen the popularity of the once arena selling Stryper wane. But through it all he has found a renewed faith in God, even after his late wife’s passing. It is a life that you thought you knew. From the glossy highly produced albums to the incredible stage and arena performances, you would have thought that Stryper was on top of the world. They were. Then they were not.

   Michael reveals his life in the band and his family in stunning and spectacular detail. No stone, however painful, is left unturned. He is a professional through and through. His music is a reflection of the man who values faith and love. You cannot help but hear his soul in all he has …

Interview With Accuser

Interview with Accuser
Accuser celebrated their 25th anniversary in 2013 by starting work on a new album and inviting guitarist Dennis Rybakowski to join their ranks; however, the reinvigorated group took their time to craft their 11th full-length. Slowly but steadily, that new effort, The Forlorn Divide, took shape once again at Gernhart Studio, featuring the band’s trademark blend of powerful thrash metal, virtuoso guitar-work, intricate drum patterns – and of course, gripping, harsh vocals, highlighting the dark recesses of human psyche that are described in the lyrics. After 30 years in the scene, the members of Accuser have perfected their signature style with The Forlorn Divide – a veteran lesson in thrash from Siegen’s stalwarts!
The Forlorn Divide track-listing:
1. Predawn
2. Lust For Vengeance
3. Unreal Perception
4. Arbitrary Law
5. Impending Doom
6. Tribulation
7. Perish By Oblivion
8. Fifth Column
9. Sulfur Rain
10. Flow Of Dying
Accuser line-up:
Frank Thoms – vocals/guitars

Y & T

Dave Meniketti

Dave Meniketti has seen and done it all. A true guitar icon, his band Y&T, has been a nonstop juggernaut of rock and roll. For over 40 years they have criss crossed the world delivering such songs as "Forever", "Meanstreak," and the celebrated "summertime Girls". I had the chance to speak with Dave on his career, highlights and the legacy of Y&T's music

Y&T celebrates 40 years. What are your thoughts on the longevity of the band?
Pretty amazing. Who knew. We just go out there and play music. All of a sudden here we are and it's 40 years later. It's really kind of shocking to me. I don't feel like the kind of guy who has been at the same job for 40 years. I guess that is the good thing about the gig.
Who were your influences growing up?
Hendrix was certainly one of them. I actually got a chance to see him play before he died. That kind of freaks people out because they go "You saw Hendrix play". (laugh…


Iced Earth
Plagues Of Babylon
This is the album that should set the bar higher than before. Plagues Of Babylon is a tour de force of powerful metal riffs and insanely gifted lyrics. This is the reason why so many metal fans around the world love this band. Consistent, powerful, and passionate.
Not every day the vocalist from one of metals biggest bands calls you. Stu Block, vocalist, was sincere and laid back and he was very excited to talk about Iced Earths latest offering, Plagues Of Babylon.

Congrats on the upcoming release. Sounds amazing.
Cool man. Glad you liked it. Always excited to bring metal to the masses.

How do you prepare mentally and vocally for the studio and tour?
Just try to keep a clear head. Get a lot of sleep and stay hydrated.Make sure I'm rehearsed and all that stuff.

Are you the main lyricist or is it a shared job.
Johnis the riff machine. So he has the riffs and he builds on them. I help with the lyrics, melody, and the cadences. I present ideas to him and he helps …

Swords Of Steel Volume 2

Swords of Steel Volume 2
As many times as people say they love heavy metal, more often than not you will hear people put it down. That this music is nothing more than noise performed and recorded by a bunch of mindless degenerates.But as fans and true metal heads know, heavy metal is an extremely complex and noteworthy art form. The views and usage of musical elements combined with the incredible lyricism of the artists is undeniable. Here in Swords of Steel volume 2 you will read tales by some of those artists. Thought provoking and creative narratives of literary gems the world should read.
With an introduction by David DeFeis of the band VIRGIN STEELE, this amazing tome of regal and searing tales of swords, wizards and sorcery begins. Build your fires, gather your steel, notch your bows, this is epic story writing on a Tolkien scale. Penned by some of the best underground metal bands of the age. Bands like, MANILLA ROAD, CAULDRON bORN, SOLSTICE, GATEKEEPER,BLACKSWORD,ARCHSPIRE, and …